About Me!

Who is the frugal wife after all?

Hello fellow frugal lovers and followers!

I am a wife, mother, and friend first and foremost. My family lives back in the North East. I moved out here to Arizona just over 7 years ago and have been loving that ever since. My husband and I have been together for 5 years, and got married in February 2015.  He has adopted my frugal lifestyle, and so have my 3 wonderful step children. We just welcomed our son in November 2016 to the world! He brings a whole new perspective to the frugal lifestyle! 

From Left to Right: Myself, Mom, Dad, Sister, and brother back in yikes probably 2004-2005?


My Husband and I on Halloween this past year in our 100% DIY homemade costumes.
PJ is our Pug/Chi mix dog he will be turning 6 in June 2017. PJ is my totally spoiled rotten baby.
Versace is our Min Pin. He just turned 7 in march of 2017. I got him on Mother’s Day in 2010 my first dog ever and also just as spoiled as PJ 🙂


10400651_1085693190605_1088_n (1)
My first horse Friday and I competing back in 2004 locally in PA where I am from.


I love sharing my frugal tips and ideas with the world. Why spend more money if you don’t have to is what I think!

Join me in frugal bliss!

Happy Frugal Living! 

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