DIY Weekend Wrap Up

So. Yeah. I had an entire weekend of DIY projects planned. I was on fire when I left work on Friday, ready to conquer the weekend. Saturday came and I did a few projects. I scored some AWESOME deals at Goodwill on their 50% Saturday sale.

Here is what I scored:

3 lace curtains (not as big as I wanted but still good) they were originally $5.99 each on sale $2.99 each so total was =$8.97 for all 3! I am using those lace curtains for the backdrop for my DIY photobooth. Check out the post I’ll get up in a few to see them in all of their glory on my wall. Now I’ve been on the HUNT for lace curtains for MONTHS on end for the wedding. Every 50% day i head over to the Goodwill and look, to my surprise and excitement this past weekend I found 3 which was excellent. Sometimes the thrift store is a serious hit or miss. I finally hit after missing for months.

8 wine glasses (no I most certainly don’t NEED 8 for me, myself, and I), these are for the wedding. I purchased 12 lamp shade covers from amazon that go around wine glass for $8.00, also 12 8 hr burn votive unscented MEGA candles for $6.99. I already had 4 wine glasses for my lamp shade DIY wedding decor project in my box of goodies. I got the wine glasses on sale OF COURSE. So the wine glasses were each $1.99 to start BUT with 50% off they ended up costing .99 each so $7.92 for all 8 of them. I picked up some gems from the dollar store to stick on the lamp shades as well for you guess it $1.00 Total for the table lighting pretty decor =$23.91

I also picked up a serving bowl for one dish which was $3.99 but on sale $1.99. A condiment tray for .99, and another bowl for $1.99. Lastly a napkin holder for .49 on sale. I already had a few trays and bowls at home and only needed a few more to round out the serving needs. Total for serving trays was $5.46.

Lastly I picked up two bundles of hangers, because hangers in my house grow legs and run away along with tupperware, bobby pins, and hair ties. One day when I die I will be reunited with a mound of these items. Until then I run  out of hangers like it’s nobody’s business! They were .99 each but on sale I paid .99 for 20 hangers. Wal-Mart sells hangers brand new for $1.97 for 10, which isn’t TERRIBLE. I however, would rather scoop up a couple bundles every few months at Goodwill on their sale day, it’s just cheaper.

I spent $23.34 at the Goodwill for the remainder of wedding items and some hangers.

Saturday was not a total bust I put the wine glasses together and they looked adorable. I also completely forgot to take pictures, of course.

I also made the photobooth.

Then it hit me, sickness. I was down and out all day Sunday my job was to remain on the couch eat Vitamin C tablets and watch an endless stream of lifetime movies on Netflix, because, we refuse to pay for cable. I succeeded in that adventure of stationary activities. The only productive thing I did all day Sunday was cross ingredients off my to buy list for the wedding and find the perfect potato salad recipe.

Look for my DIY photobooth post soon!

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