DIY Weekend Ahead!

Today is Friday! Yippie skippy! Naturally I am excited for the weekend because this is one of the few a month that I don’t have to report to work tomorrow! An entire weekend with the husband and kids doing…..DIY projects!

Now of course everyone will somehow have magical powers to avoid projects this weekend with a multitude of other activities they will somehow have planned… I see how it is… 🙁

Without further ado here are my plans for the weekend DIY projects:

1. Complete my DIY wedding branch center pieces. Post with lovely photographs to follow next week, OF COURSE!

2. Complete my DIY photobooth for wedding decor in the hallway. Might be tough since I still need to use the hallway. We shall see what my uber creative mind comes up with to combat the use of the hallway with a photobooth set up? Any tips?!?

3. Doing the finishing touches on the hall bathroom project. That project is finished and next week will be my first DIY frugal renovation project posted. I’ve been slaving away at all week-long. In preparations for the wedding all of a sudden I realized “holy crow people are coming here! CRAP! They’re going to use the hall bathroom! Double whammy! I need to update this puppy, quickly, and on the cheap! I have accomplished this and cannot wait to share the photographs of what I did with you.

All in all I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! Mine will be full of projects! Stay tuned to see what fun treats for frugal living and DIY projects I shall share with my loyal followers Monday! Cheers!

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Happy Frugal Living!

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