Christmas Décor on A Dime

I know Christmas has already passed, but I still wanted to share my front porch décor. Perhaps this can serve as motivation for you next year.

By far Christmas is my favorite holiday. Decorating both inside and out is also something I love to do, in an understated type of way of course. Never have I been the person who goes over board. Also I am not the person on the street with the blow up decorations. Sorry but Santa on a Harley is not exactly my cup of tea I will admit.

Decorating for Christmas on A Dime is possible for you to do too.

Here is what I did for my décor out front.

When we got our tree there was a box of free trimmings. You had me at free my friend, had me at free. Now there was no limit posted on how many of said trimmings I could take for myself, so naturally I helped myself to quite a few of them. Now when I threw them in the back of my car with the tree I really didn’t know what I was going to do with them. All I knew was they were free and I’d decorate with them some how.

What I ended up doing was making my wreath for the front door with them. Brilliant I tell you.

Free trimmings tied together ready to go

Now I needed to add some “stuff” to this baby. Certainly wasn’t about to stand up and announce I had made a wreath, march to the front door and hang this up naked.

A little bit of welcome help

This snowman welcome sign is part of the decorations my mom gave me years back. So why not. I attached it to the wreath with some twine that was used to keep the tree together in the car.

I did end up purchasing a few “sprigs” as I call them from Michael’s. Now, did I pay full price? Of course I didn’t. Have we met? They were 75% on sale. Cha Ching.

Welcome Friends!

I picked up a pack of bows for less than $2.00, some pine cone sprigs, and those holly looking sprig things for under $1.00 a piece. Stuck them in my wreath and voila a wreath which literally cost me $7.00.  My adorable holiday wreath was less than $10.00 everyone. You too can seriously decorate you front door and porch frugally I promise you can. Sometimes you have to get a wee bit creative as you will see below.

Now you all saw my fall décor and if you didn’t you need to click DIY Fall Front Porch Décor and check it out.

So with that said I used some of the items from my fall décor for my Christmas winter time décor. All three crates were used again and in the exact same location. I didn’t move them an inch. That little area seems to be my new favorite place to start the decoration process at home.

Now I stood there for a few minutes staring at the straw bale I bought back in October thinking how I could use that again. Right where it sat was right where I needed something to prop up some decorations so what did I do? I wrapped the straw bale in some old tired wrapping paper to look like a present! Genius!

When at Michaels I bought two signs to decorate with. Well one sign and one adorable Santa Mailbox. The mailbox was originally $40 but I ended up paying $12.99. The sign was $29.99 and I ended up paying $9.99.  Not at all upset with my money spent. Everything else I used to decorate with are items I already owned and had in storage.

Just for comparison purposes look at my Fall Décor and you might even giggle a little bit since they look so much alike.

The way I look at it is I don’t mind spending a little bit of money every few years on some new decorations when the price is right. This year was the first year I didn’t put the garland up on the front door, but, that garland is some I bought from the dollar store 5 years ago and it is still going strong.

TA DA! This décor is understated compared to some people’s decorations and I know that.

I however over all spent less than $50.00 total on all of this. You really can decorate your house without breaking the bank I promise you can. Here’s to the New Year and let’s see what frugal ideas I can come up with over the next few months shall we?

Happy Frugal Living!

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