Pumpkin Patch Experience on the Cheap

This year is Declan’s first fall season and Halloween. We still haven’t made the final costume decisions and we’re seriously running out of time. Way to go me being last minute on this one. Yikes!

Anyway despite the fact it was like 88 this weekend when we went to the pumpkin patch, we went anyway. I pretended to not feel like my face was burning off in the sun and we whisked baby Declan off to the shade to cool down mighty quickly while outside. Poor kid is part Irish and Swedish he is up the creek, as they say.

To get in the door cost the hubs, myself, and my mother in law total of $15.00. Declan was free. YAY! I will say that is a perk of him being so tiny. We’re going to these things for him, and he’s free. I love that!

We got some little pumpkins with admission. Hubs went and bought $1.00 in carrots to feed the petting zoo animals. The place we went also has some neat events through Christmas we will attend with him.

If you’re local here in Arizona the place we went is Mother Nature’s Farm

This place is pretty neat. In December they have a “snow day” this means they load up a hill with trucked in snow so kiddos can go sledding. We took the kids when they were younger and we were still cool (seriously though they’re teenagers, we aren’t cool anymore). We will probably go with Declan this year too! Again if you’re local check them out.

We did not get the big pumpkins here today. Mainly it’s too dang hot outside and I don’t want them to rot. We decided to stick to the ones that same with the price of admission for now. I will probably run somewhere local like the food store and pick a few out to carve this week. If possible I’d like them to remain out front until Thanksgiving if they don’t die from the heat too quickly.

We spent a total of $16.00 for three people to go to this awesome place. We fed some goats and horses. Which side note my son LOVES horses. This makes my heart melt into a tiny puddle on the floor. I’ve ridden since I was 6 years old and for him to kick his legs like a mad man and squeal with joy when he saw them made my heart just melt everywhere.

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