DIY Fall Front Porch Decor

Happy Fall Y’all!

So apparently Arizona did not get the memo that fall has arrived virtually everywhere else but here! Last week we were still sporting the mid to upper 90’s and I am done. Surely by almost November I should be able to turn the AC off in the house or heck wear a sweater even a light one without sweating five minutes later. However, to no avail fall has not arrived.

Fall is my favorite season. The smell of leaves vibrant in color sprawling across the valley in a variety of yellows, oranges, and reds.

The picture above is what I miss most about home aside from my family, the fall colors.

So despite the heat I decided enough was enough I was going to decorate my front porch and at least pretend fall had shown its face to us here!

While looking at fall decorating supplies I looked at some already done wreaths. Holy crow those suckers are not cheap. I’d never spend $70 on a wreath and that was the average going price for an already done one in the local craft stores. Crazy I tell you!

So I made one. Truth be told this was the first time I’d made a wreath and I had a lot of fun doing it. I decided I will also make one for Christmas and maybe even as gifts this year? Still mulling that idea around, but I think I might.

Anyway. I picked up the plain wreath for $4.99. I got a string of garland with pretty leaves and some acorns and pine cones also for $7.80 with my 40% off coupon. There was an entire aisle of the “sprigs” as I call them to stick in the wreath. They ranged in price, but I stuck to the $1.99-$2.99 range for each. I picked up 15 of them. Each were 50% off at the store. I got 5 that were $2.99 so for 5 I spent a total of $7.50 and I got 10 that were $1.99 originally and spent a total of $9.95. Total to make my wreath for the front door was $30.25 before taxes. We love the wreath and even better we love what I spent total! Cost roughly 1/2 of what it would have cost if I would have just picked up one at the store. To make this it only took me tops 1 hour to arrange everything and take pretty pictures!

Our Beautiful Fall Wreath

Mums scream fall to me. Now the 90’s are not kind to them. I got some in hopes the weather would change like the weather channel claimed it would. Three of the four mums made it one week. They were looking a little on the sad side past two days, so praying this week is honest with the 80’s. Anyway I got out my three stained crates and again got some decor from the craft store on sale. Sale is the only way I go!

We bought 4 wheels from walmart and screwed them into the bottom of the crate. They were $1.97 each so $7.88 total for the wheels. I suggest liquid nails. The screws we used were a little too big and split some of the wood. Now I won’t be putting anything heavy in the crate so I’m not concerned. However, if you don’t want to ruin your crate use thin screws or liquid nails. I picked up the burlap ribbon 50% off of $5.99 so I paid $2.99 and I only used maybe 1/2. So I have some left for something else crafty down the line. I already had my glue gun and glue sticks at home.

The two signs in the back were $12.99 each and were 50% so I paid $12.99 for both.

Each mum was $8.99 and I did get 4 so total of $35 for the mums.  The one straw bale was $6.99 and 50% off so $3.49

I spent a total of $64 for everything. The gourds I already had from another season so they didn’t cost me anything additional.

The 3 pumpkins on top of the straw bale were from a little pumpkin patch we took our little turkey too this weekend. His first one! Post about that awesome place to come next.

I spent just under $100 total for the front porch. The best part is everything except the mums and pumpkins we got will be re usable next year. There won’t be another wreath being made or signs being bought. Most likely I will use just what we have again next year plus mums and the year after too!

Having a beautiful fall front yard does not need to cost you hundreds. I know the dollar store has some items you can use also. I however have always found that the dollar stores items are made cheaper and don’t always last year to year.

We attempted a DIY photoshoot with Declan and our fall decor and he was not having it. We are going to try again and you shall see those results here soon.

Happy Fall Y’all hope you enjoyed my post! Comment below on your thoughts!

Happy Frugal Living!

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