Babies are Dying being Left in Cars

Summer time can be full of some great times for families world wide. Vacations to destinations like the beach are a plenty. Summer camps for the older kiddos and days spent soaking up the summer time sun at the local pool.

As parents we are responsible for some tiny humans. Our job is to feed them, bathe them, clothe them, and love them. Forgetting your baby or young child in the car seems to be unthinkable by many moms and dads out there, but this happens every single year. Some years I feel like every time I turn around another news story is breaking about yet another baby being left in a hot car and dying. I cannot fathom the amount of guilt a parent feels when this happens. They’ve probably taken that same baby in and out of the car so many other times, yet somehow their mind was elsewhere when they arrived at their destination and the little one was left behind.

Chances are if the little one was left in the car at home no passerby’s are going to notice him or her. If this has occurred at a store in public your little one stands a slim chance someone walking past the car will see the baby and save their life.

Here in the Phoenix area our temperatures during the summer months are terribly high. We are talking on average 105 during the summer months. At times a bit lower if a storm has rolled through town, so roughly 95. Also there are times when the temperature can reach 120 in the summer. I won’t lie it’s gross outside in the summer time here.

So far in 2017 29 kids have died from heatstroke in a car. In 2016 the number was 39 kids. Since 1998, 729 kids have died from heatstroke in a car. These numbers are just from the USA.

2 Babies Die in Cars in 24 hours in Phoenix

Read the above article. I just so happen to live in the place this nation considers the worst when it comes to babies being left in cars.

We need a system in place to prompt us. Not just saying “Don’t forget” or “I would never leave the baby in the car”

Products to remember baby in car

Head over to your phones app store and take a look at some apps that help with alerting you when getting out of the car that you have a baby with you.

Kars 4 Kids Safety App

That is just one of them. I personally downloaded 4 apps I decided I would try out and see which one has the best reminder that might work best for someone. Pretty sure 4 apps to remind you is over kill, but, I’m testing these out. Certainly I will report back. They all need to be paired with bluetooth. I get alerts from my phone to my FitBit so I paired the apps to my FitBit.

There also is a prototype for another slert system called “Sense A Life” that is in the works.  Sense A Life

I was reading what they do on their website and was intrigued. I also was trying to figure out why companies like Graco, Babytrend, and heck Babies R Us brand haven’t jumped on board and funded these guys. We all know the danger in leaving a child or baby in the car and the results if this happens. Providing the product is affordable, I imagine it would be on many mothers lists of items to get.

We all would love to say “that would never be me” or “I could never leave my baby in the car to die.” We know that. You what else? All those parents whose babies did die in cars from heatstroke probably also said the same thing and then life happened and whatever the cause their babies got left in the car and their babies died. Don’t stand too high up on your high horse thinking you’re immune to this, you aren’t, and neither am I. My Declan is the light of my life, but, I’d rather have 4 apps on my phone and an alert in his car seat for that one day when maybe I’ve got 450 things on my mind instead of the running 400 and he doesn’t get left behind. The light of my life is worth 4 apps and a bell tied to my shirt so I never, ever forget him.

Love  your little ones so much you get an app or seriously guys tie a string to the car seat and to your shirt so you don’t leave the car without a bell ringing or something. My heart literally aches for the parents whose babies were left in cars and are now gone from their lives. I cannot for one moment imagine what I would do or how I would feel if that was me.

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