Making Baby Food Fail

When I was pregnant I had all these visions of baby food making days I’d have. In my  head this baby was going to gobble up everything I made with gusto. I’d make him yummy food combinations and he’d squeal for more. I was wrong. So wrong. Turns out Declan hates pureed ANYTHING. I spent days making pureed squash, carrots, green beans, peas, pears, apples, and sweet potato. He hates anything pureed whether I made it or caved and purchased some baby food on my own.

My mind was blown, completely. Here I was being economical making food at a fraction of the price and my little turkey spent more time spitting food out, refusing to even taste anything, or just flat out ignoring me I gave up. Conquered by my little tot!

I decided that what was best was to take a proper step back from feeding him food he hated and allow him to continue to just drink his milk. After all babies technically can be just find nutritionally on milk or formula for the first year of life. He’s only 7months old now and I’m ok with him still mainly wanting his bottle.

Just in the past few days he has sprouted his first tooth, only the nub but there is sharp little pearly white popping up. This also explains his lack of all night sleeping lately. We are one tired momma and daddy. Over the weekend I thought I would try helping him carefully chomp on a banana. Turns out my baby wants to feed himself and chew. I get it. Would you want to eat mushed up food all the time? No. Why would babies? I get it completely. He will pretty much at this point only eat chopped up avocado and some banana.

Check out this cutie pie eating a banana!

Don’t beat yourself up if your little one turn their nose up at pureed baby food. Plenty do mine included. Too bad my mom’s dear friend spent money on getting us the Baby Bullet which I’ve used twice and soon will sell on Offerup.

Stay strong mommy’s of odd eaters! You are not alone.

Happy Frugal Living.

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Happy Frugal Living!

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