Baby Nursery in the Master Bedroom

Our baby sleeps in our room 5 feet from my side of the bed. Sure this is not ideal for all families and there will come a time in the nearing future where he will need a room of his own. For now he’s our roomie and we like it that way.

We have a 3 bedroom house. Our girls already share a room and our son who is a young adult lives with us full time and has his room. That left open space in our room for Declan.

Before he was born we decided that we needed to downsize our bed to make room for our little one. Good-bye king sized bed and Hello Queen.

Our dogs got the boot too. This made me super bummed in the beginning. However, I sleep better without them. Don’t I repeat don’t tell my husband he will never let me live that admittance down.

So our little guy needed a few items for his new digs. A crib, changing table, and closet. We decided on a mini crib. This crib converts into a twin bed after toddler age so that was perfect. The crib also weighed less and smaller in size. My mom was kind enough to purchase this item and mattress as a gift for us. Thankfully.

The changing table we got I found locally at a second hand store for only $25.o0 and the table came with the changing pad and one cover. I ended up purchasing 2 more covers at Kohls. They were in clearance and I had a 30% coupon. So they cost $10.00 combined. $35.00 total spent on his changing table. Those suckers brand new are no joke in price. I refuse to spend that kind of money on something that just last week I sold on Offerup to someone else refusing to pay over $100 for a changing table.

Getting closet space was trickier. We needed a place for his mountains of baby shower gifted clothing without sacrificing our own adult closet. I picked up a bookcase from a second hand shop for $15.00 and purchased some tension rods from Walmart for less than $5.00 for both. I removed the shelves and hung two rows of clothing.

The only downfall to the DIY baby clothing closet is that you cannot over stuff the bars or they will fall down. Be mindful of the weight and amount of onesies you’re hanging up. As long as you’re not trying to fit everything from Newborn-6 months you should be good.

Goodwill had a great glider with ottoman I found on 50% day of all times. Talk about LUCK. I only ended up spending $20 on the set and I have rocked all $20 worth in that sucker I can promise you that.

Lastly I really wanted the room to feel like Declan had some personalization. Hobby Lobby, which I love, had some deal on their cardboard letters and small wooden circles. I purchased “Declan” in letters. One pack of plywood circles. One tube of red, white, and navy paint. One bag of different sized brushes. All of this created a cute baseball themed name banner above his crib. Declan may not have his own room yet but he’s got a cute wall in ours. This cost less than $20 total for all supplies.

Total for our Master bedroom Nursery space cost $95. Less than $100!

Babies grow quickly and will spend little time on changing tables before the risk for rolling off is too high to keep changing them there for our convenience. I could not stomach spending over $100 on a changing table for a few months of use.

Be creative and you too can save money on your bundles nursery area if you’re having to share the room!

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