Saving Money on the Baby Sitter

Let me start by telling you that both my husband and I work full time. When Declan was a tiny tot we toured some traditional daycares and almost puked at the cost. We left them and while driving home I have visions of eating Ramen noodles and watered down soup for eternity. College fund? What college fund? This kid’s daycare was going to cost over $1,000/mo. We literally could not afford that.

Luckily I found a lovely woman with an in home daycare. She is spectacular and a fraction of the price. My little guy still gets to interact with babies his own age and a bit older. Yay for social skills early! She worked for the hospital locally in the hearing screening department for infants before staying home. I trust this woman with my most precious gem, and she rocks.

I also have a baby whisperer. Yes you read that correctly. She is 15 going on 16 years old and is a freaking baby whisperer. What magic fairy dust she sprinkles on my baby is beyond me, but she is magic. When he was tiny and she’d come over the minute, I mean the minute she picked him up he stopped crying or fussing. This whisperer is better known as my youngest daughter.

Summer is out for school and she offered to babysit a few days a week for us. SCORE. We immediately agreed to this for a few great reasons.

#1 She is getting paid less than our regular sitter. Saving money.

#2 She is trying to save money to fix the car we got her to drive that needs work. I certainly have no qualms about paying my daughter to watch her brother so she can get her wheels rolling down the road when she gets her license in a few months. Zero qualms. Actually we’re quite proud of her. She’s saved every single dollar so far and is 3/4 of the way to her goal in less than 2 months.

#3 She is amazing with Declan. I know when I’m at work and my husband is at work he is not only properly cared for, but loved by his sister.

My wonderful mother in law also watches our bundle a day or two a week.

Now, I understand some people have qualms about at home daycares and maybe don’t have their own baby whisper’s in the house like we do or have a family member willing to spend their days cleaning dirty diapers and rocking teething 7 month olds. We are truly very lucky.

If you have the opportunity to find a good friend, family member, or in home daycare you may just surprise yourself on how much money can be saved for starters. Also, you will have your bundle spend time, valuable time with people close to you instead of a daycare. Please don’t misunderstand I am not in any way bashing daycares, they serve a purpose. We decided with Declan is older we will part time enroll him in one next year when he’s closer to 2, but for now I have the baby whisperer, mother in law, and wonderful in home care.

On average I spend no more than $400/mo on care which affords me to continue to work and make money to you know pay bills and eat more than a bowl of Ramen a day.

Happy Frugal Living!

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Happy Frugal Living!

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