DIY Wedding. Get Married for Under $2,500

Getting married is costly. Even more so your first time around, I can attest to this since I have first hand experience. When I got married the first time I spent a ton of money, sure I DIY myself into a fit with a lot as well. All in all that wedding was too expensive especially since the marriage was a blip in my life.

I’m preparing to get married for the 2nd time here in a few weeks. First of all I am super excited to marry my fiance he is INCREDIBLE! My three-step kiddos are great and the life we’ve built is well, to sound repetitive, GREAT.

For the first time around, I learned my money lesson. During my wedding planning this time around I decided I would be frugal, DIY my heart out, and stray from traditional, anything.

I am hardly what you would consider a traditional bride anyway, so why have a “sit down hot meal” or a “cake cutting song”. Silly.

Ready to have your mind blown on wedding savings? GO!

1. Have your wedding at a FREE venue. AKA your house or a friend/family members house. Have you happened to price venues? Did you jaw hit the floor? Mine too. Once you’ve retrieved your jaw from the floor resume brainstorming. Perhaps you live in an apartment, but a friend of yours has a stellar yard? See if they will let you have the wedding there? You’re going to save major bucks by not spending on a venue.

2. Have a PotLuck Reception? Maybe not for everyone I get this, but hear me out. Catering isn’t cheap, at all. Buying and making all of the food yourself is insanity, I know, I’m making mine SOME of my wedding dishes. If you are lucky to have the most incredible friends, family, and in-laws like I do this won’t be hard. I’ve enlisted the help of a few of my friends and family, each is making 2-3 dishes for the wedding. This cut my cost and my labor down  A LOT. Your wedding is a celebration of two being united in love, and should not be about the menu selections steak or chicken?

3. Buy your dress at a warehouse. SAY WHAT?! You mean forgo David’s Bridal or any other name brand type wedding dress shop. Uhm Yes. Please. Personally I purchased my stunning (you will all see pictures of wedding after it’s happened) lace vintage inspired wedding dress for $159.00. Yes. No, not $1,599. The dress was shipped from the warehouse in Pennsylvania where my family is and where I brought the dress to Arizona which cost in shipping, no taxes since I was out-of-state buying. I was lucky enough to find a seamstress who worked out of her home, and this lady is incredible. Nice as pie, does great work, and CHEAP. $35 to have my dress altered. Yes $35. My dress cost $224.00 TOTAL.

4. DIY as much as humanly possible. I’m going to be posting some more articles about the decor I DIY made along with a DIY photobooth, streamers, pom poms, the wine bottles which I gave a little DIY on those already, along with the lighting for outside, the ceremony decor as well. Don’t fall into the buy everything already made for you trap!

5. Flowers put together by you, oh my! Florists charge an INSANE amount of money to make bouquets. Now, let me also say they make beautiful ones when they do this. In no way am I attempting to discredit their work, however, you are fully capable of buying flowers and creating a stunning masterpiece yourself I promise. Look at what flowers are in season when you’re getting married, those should be your wedding flowers. This helps, ding ding ding, save money. Chances are you can find some reasonable flowers at your local grocery store or a Costco if you’re a member (which I recommend, highly). For my flowers I have decided that a few days before the wedding I will skip on down to the grocery store and pick up a few bunches of roses and some baby’s breath. They are affordable as Valentines Day is right around the corner. Make a few simple arrangements with the bling I used on the wine bottles and viola!

Your wedding should be a wonderful, beautiful, timeless day for you and your spouse, at a reasonable price. The most important part of marriage is the person you’ve decided to spend the rest of your life with not how much the dress cost, the gifts, or the venue. Cherish the day because it truly will whiz by you at the speed of light!

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