DIY Father’s Day Gift Mash Up

Yes, I know, Father’s Day was last weekend so my ideas won’t exactly help you for the 2017 holiday. However, they will for the 2018 Holiday. Look at it this way, you’re getting a very early head start on what to have the kiddos make him for the day next year.

Generally I am all about homemade gifts. Truly the heart and love that goes into making something means tons more to me than any gift bought in a store. Anyone can go to their local hunting and fishing store and pick up a gift card for their spouse or father. Takes a special person to make something and even more so a spouse or father who prefers that gift from the bought one. I make just about anything I can for people. Over the years I have discovered that not everyone shares in my love of homemade gifts. Christmas is my favorite time to do this and this year I plan to make some super awesome gifts. I know I know, it’s June and I’m already thinking about Christmas. YIKES!

This year was our baby boy’s first Father’s Day so I wanted to make this a real special one for my husband. Our youngest  girl came over and participated in the making of gifts. Very sweet. I loved her enthusiasm in making a gift.

I went to Michaels and picked up some supplies for less then $10.00. Coupons and sales. Repeat, coupons and sales. There was a 50% one regular priced item coupon I used and everything else I got was on sale.

First I picked up a picture frame that was a wooden unfinished one. At home I already had some wood stain left from the wood crate project so I was good there. The frame was $1.00. Score!

Second I got a 2 pack of canvas’s which included a paint brush and 3 small tubes of acrylic paint. Red, white, and blue. Perfect deal for $4.00.

Third I got a ink pad in black that was $2.99 and was the only regularly priced item on the list so this is what I used the 50% off coupon for.

Fourth I picked up some Crayola paint that was safe to use for our baby to place his mark ont he gifts. They were buy one get one 50% for $1.69 original price. Good deal.

Total before taxes I spent $9.02.

One of the gifts we were given when my baby shower came around was a Tony the Tiger baseball. FYI we are a huge baseball family. Side note: I’m a Phillies fan and my husband is a Diamondbacks fan. So games are fun when they play each other!

I covered Mr. Declan’s hand with the black ink and placed his hand on the baseball for an adorable handprint. Luckily my daughter was here to help and let me tell you she was a huge, huge, huge help. Gift #1 done.

Next I stained the picture frame and set down to dry. A few weeks ago I sat our little boy down nude with his daddies baseball cap for the Iron Pigs on his head backwards. The Iron Pigs are the AAA team back in PA where I hale from that my husband is a huge fan of. At this point he owns more Iron Pigs gear than the Diamondbacks. Next to him an Iron Pigs baseball. Printed the shot in a 4×6 to put in our newly stained $1.00 frame.

Last the canvas. This project was the most taxing. My baby was so patient and thought paint was really super fun to smoosh in his hands. We painted his little tootsies and hands to put hand prints and foot prints on the canvas. All I kept thinking was, “how do people seriously get those perfectly placed and inked foot and handprints from their babies? HOW?” I was pretty lucky my baby kept pretty still for this, but seriously HOW do they do it? Blows my mind. Not really, but I’m boggled.

Once I got his prints I wrote out a cute note “Dad, you are my hero. Love Declan” Nothing super fancy, but gets the loving point across.
My daughter painted the 2nd canvas and wrote a funny saying to her dad ” Gun’s don’t kill people, dads with pretty daughters do.” she thought it was funny and her canvas turned out pretty darn good too. Both are now displayed in our living room on the wall where our entry way is. Love that. True testament to someone who loves a gift when it ends up displayed!

My husband really loved his gifts and knows I am the queen of DIY gifts and is used to that happening pretty much for every holiday and occasion.

Happy Frugal Living!

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Happy Frugal Living!

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