Baby play area on the cheap

Our bundle of joy is going to be 7 months old in three days and he’s starting to think about calling and be on the move! Because of this, we need a designated area for him to play.

He has some learning toys and a couple other things that he plays with during the day or in the evening when we’re home relaxing and I just felt it was necessary for him to have an area all to himself.

Locally there is a used kids store called Kid to Kid that my mom and I discovered in May when they were here visiting. This place is amazing! I am going to do an entire post on gently used kid items thrifting Etc so bear with me I’ll get to that. 

This was just the beginning I bought one of these playmats for $12.99 at Kid to Kid and quickly realized I was going to need a second one to complete his play area! 

Here he is on his play mat playing once I rearranged some of the letters. This is still only with one mat down on the floor

Here he is playing on his mat with his learning box toy. Now before you say anything I know I need outlet covers he isn’t quite on the move yet, and this weekend I plan to buy them and place them strategically throughout the house to keep my little bundle safe!! 

I spent a total of $25 and change for both playmats for his play area. Majority of his toys were either given to me at my baby shower, or, a few of them were actually given to me by a woman who I bought some Baby Einstein DVDs from off of OfferUp for free. All of the toys she gave to me for him are Vtech learning toys they all worked and we’re in great shape! 

Once he starts moving I plan to get a play yard to block the area off so that he can crawl in safety while I do things like hustle from one end of the house to the other with laundry because let’s be honest laundry still has to get done no matter how much we pray it doesn’t! 

In the end you don’t need to spend a ton of money to create a nice little play area for your little one a few foam mats and some toys will suffice! 

Happy Frugal Living! 

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Happy Frugal Living!

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