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The longer you own a home the more belongings you end up accumulating, and eventually you need to purge the house!

I love me some good thrifting deals and maybe over the years I’ve gotten a bit much. So we purged the house. I’m an avid reader and bless my mother she sends me books once she’s done with them. Generally they come from a list her book club devises so the reads are fantastic. She’s broadened my selection of books immensely. Anyway, once I’ve read the book chances are I’m not going to re read it so I donated a lot of the books. There are quite a few I haven’t read yet. With a baby in our lives I only seem to have time to read while I unwind in the bath at night. I donated roughly 50 books in December. I also donated roughly 15 DVDs we had on a shelf that we aren’t going to watch, we’re Netflix people. We haven’t had a cable bill in 3 years and that feels fantastic.

Then there was our appliance graveyard. At least that was our name for that one cabinet in the kitchen where a bunch of strange appliances lived we rarely used if ever. Most were given to us or gotten thrifting. Personally I’ve never used a food processor and the juicer hadn’t been used since I think we bought our home 4 years ago. They were all donated along with the books.

Both my husband and I are not only frugal, but we’re also trying to reduce our “stuff” and slowly but surely live a more minimalistic lifestyle. We’ve donated loads and when I say loads I mean loads in my 3rd row SUV to Goodwill along with some more local smaller thrift stores.

We’ve sold a few items locally as well. Mostly donated items including a bookshelf, coffee table, and a few bags of clothing that has all seen better days.

Surely this isn’t much of a frugal post, more of a reorganization post, but we can all use a bit of pruge in the spring in our homes from time to time.

You can always utilize sites like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and apps such as OfferUp or close5 to try to sell some of your gently used items locally and make a few bucks while also purging your house of unnecessary items. I did do this with a few items while we were in the midst of The Purge! 

One thing I will tell you is that once we got rid of a whole bunch of stuff that we just weren’t using anymore or was collecting dust in a corner with me always saying “I’ll use it at some point”, feels so much better to have less stuff! 

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  1. glad you donated the books…always good to find a good book at the thrift store!! I have been doing a bit of purging myself.

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