DIY Gender Reveal Party Ideas

When my husband and I found out we were having a little bundle of joy I told him that I wanted to do a gender reveal. We had already decided together we’d only be having one baby, he had 3 kids with his first, 4 kids was a full house! No more!

There are plenty of ideas for gender reveals online. You can do so many different types of reveals between cake with colored filling, balloons in a box, or in our case egg shells filled with chalk.

Yes, chalk as in side walk chalk.

Breakdown of the cost:

Eggs (3) 1 dozen cost $1.49 so 3 cost $.37

Chalk One box from The Dollar Tree =$1.00

Total Cost = $1.37

First you need to drain the egg. Poke a hole on both ends, and blow on one end to get the egg out. Don’t poke too big of a hole or too small. About the size of an eraser top, no bigger. My hubs had to help me with draining the eggs. I didn’t want to break a bunch and get frustrated with myself.

Once you’ve drained them rinse them out and let them dry over night.

Now you need to grind up the chalk to a fine powder. I tested this idea for you with another egg and green chalk to make sure you could see the color, and you can. No need to test this out.

I used a coffee grinder to grind up the chalk. Warning: break the chalk up first! What I did was put the chalk pieces in a ziplock bag and smash them a bit before I used the grinder. First the pink chalk was ground up. Next was the blue. Make sure you grind up enough to fill up the eggs.

What we did was fill two eggs one of each color and give them both to my sister in law along with the paper from our doctor with the gender. I made sure I had enough ground up just incase one of the eggs broke and she needed to have another made. To do this it took 2 blue pieces of chalk and 2 pink.

This was a HIT. Literally a HIT when my husband whacked the egg with a golf club!

Before we do the reveal I’ll share some pictures of the party!

I planned this party all my by my lonesome, kidding, I love party planning on a budget.

I made all of the food for the shindig and hubs helped me with decorating the house since I was hands down NOT going to get up on a ladder to hand balloons, that was all him.

Over all the party cost less than $100. The most expensive part were some of the decorations I caved and bought from Party City. That cost was $35.

Food was next the cost of food for the get together was $40. I bought some white cake mix and added some red and blue food color to each batch for the fun colored cupcakes. The icing I bought, because I work full time and making homemade icing wasn’t going to happen when I got icing from Walmart for $1.48 each. Most of the food was pretty snack oriented. The party was not a dinner thing or lunch, kind of an in between. If you’re wanting to have a get together without the cost of dinner grilling, do a 2-3pm time. Feed snack food.


The juice mix is crazy simple. Hawaiian punch, Sprite, and Pineapple juice.  Perfect.


Everything else was $20.


Even though the gender reveal was a party I still could not stray away from my frugal roots and have a party that would cost too much money. No way!

On to the reveal! I must say this was just too much fun. We ended up skyping with my parents so they could be a part of the event too which was just great!

Hubs was team Pink while I was team Blue. Pink seemed to the favorite team of the day, but I had said since the beginning I thought we were having a boy!




Oh and I made that sash from some cheap fabric from Hobby Lobby with some hair clip flower pieces I hot glue gunned onto it. Made a boring tank top super cute and cost less than $10 total!

If you want to have a fun gender reveal without balloons or cake this just might be the ticket for you!

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