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You’ve seen them, heck, we’ve all seen them. The decorative crates scattered about in craft stores, Pier 1 Imports (where prices make me go into a full fit of insanity), Bed Bath and Beyond, and so many more. They’re adorable, and the prices are, well, not so adorable. Have you ever looked at the prices of those suckers? Yeah, so have I and it is simply appalling. They are wooden crates folks no magic in the wood, just wood.

Well, I’ve been hankering (sounded good), for some in my house as decor for some time now. I remembered back in the fall of 2013 seeing them in Home Depot and telling myself I will come back for them, life happened, and by the time I got around to going back they were sold out for the season. Knowing I had found them there with the best price I decided to just wait another year, yes another year. 

This past fall Home Depot was doing their sale on the wooden crates. I was able to pick up 3 of them for $11.67 a piece. Not too shabby considering if you a simple google search for “decorative wooden crates” you’re going to want to gauge your eyes out with a dull knife. Those suckers can cost upwards of $125 for a set of 3. I paid $35.01 total for 3! Now they come plain and basic, not stained at all. So I waltzed on over to the paint section, peeked at the returned paint, nothing sparked my interest that day and bought some wood stain.

photo 3 (7)
The Wood Stain I Used

The color choice I picked was Dark Walnut and the cost was $4.78 for an 8oz container. The brush I purchased was a 2 inch chip brush for $1.15. The total I paid for 3 crates, one paint brush, and one 8oz can of stain was a total of= $40.94.

photo 1 (8)
Doesn’t that look snazzy!



I love this look! I was so excited as the crates started coming together and really looking good. For $40.94 total I was able to create some snazzy looking decorate crates.

photo 4 (4)photo 2 (8)

Now that you’ve seen the beauty in these puppies, you need to google the cost of one bought. This project took one afternoon of painting these crates to look fabulous. If you are just a beginner in the DIY world this is a beginner friendly project.

photo 1 (9)
Versace (one of the little doggie monsters) photo bombed my project!

photo 2 (9)

I made a bit of a mess… Between kid’s needing me, dogs needing me, and getting into the grove of my tunes while painting I splattered some around me.


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