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We all want to cherish our little ones, and with hoards of photographs to boot. I am no exception. When Declan was born I knew I wanted to document every moment of his life, well best I could. Naturally I need to sleep too. He’s a precious, perfect, and chatty Kathy of a little boy.

While I was busy nursing and skimming Pinterest I discovered there is a ton of ADORABLE baby portrait idea, and they’re mostly done by professionals. Yes, professionals. I discovered very quickly there are some serious tricks they use when attempting to get the perfect pose. Of course all of this is done while you’re trying to keep either A) Your baby awake for more than 5 minutes. B) Your baby needs to be asleep for said pose. C) Your baby is now crying because you’ve tried sticking them in a bucket of Christmas ornaments wrapped in little white lights. (Truly adorable picture I saw on Pinterest, but I didn’t even attempt this one).

This Friends is what I did.

Step 1:

Prepare everything AHEAD OF TIME. I repeat AHEAD OF TIME. The last problem you want to have is to be ready to get the Gerber baby winning shot when suddenly you’re phone, yes, it’s int he other room or worse, battery is dead. Have what you need within arms reach.

Step 2:

Pick out a couple, not 10 folks, a couple or a few aka 2-3 poses you think you can ACTUALLY do. Not the worlds cutest ones that you know for a fact you cannot do because you are not a professional baby photographer. You’ve seen those streams of Pinterest Fails? They exist for a reason folks.

Step 3:

Now it is baby time. Get your baby ready. Get the one or 2 outfits you plan to use out and prepared. Change your little munchkins diaper before you get going and either nurse or feed before starting. A full baby is a happy baby. This also works best if you plan on taking some adorable sleeping baby snapshots.

For some of mine I used the Bobby Pillow and a throw blanket on the couch. Now don’t misunderstand my peanut did not look like I took him to a pro, but he looked precious.


When I was deciding to do this my little was only roughly 3 weeks old, and Christmas was right around the corner.

Next I set up my little by the Christmas tree in attempt to get some cute pictures of him to mark his very first Christmas.


I think he looks adorable, and I give myself a pat on the back.

If you’re a new mom and you’re thinking to yourself about how you either can’t fork over the money for an expensive photography session, or, you’re thinking you’d rather be the one taking some shots. Though these are not professionally done they literally cost me $0.00. I spent NO money at all and still got a few precious pictures of my precious baby before he turned even 1 month old.

You too can do this. Regardless of the season you can take some great DIY baby photoshoot pictures that may even end up being Pinterest worthy!


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