DIY Grout Cleaner

Hey there frugal friends! You might be asking yourself where the heck have  you been? Remember me, I used to post all those neat DIY frugal tips. Life has been happening lately and well I’ve been swamped between work and home. With no further ado I give you my newest DIY tip!

DIY Grout Cleaner

One week from today my parents will be flying to Arizona for a two week visit. Yesterday I looked at my house and realized I needed to do a bit of deep cleaning. The grout, oh the grout was so dirty. That is one area of the house you kind of just plain forget about. You mop the floor, steam the floor, and wipe up messes without really paying attention to the grout. I read a pin on Pinterest about using Clorox toilet bowl cleaner as a miracle cleaner. Yeah, it didn’t work at all.

In my pantry with my overflow of cleaning products I had a bottle of Lime Away from the Dollar Tree and thought I would try that one instead. This is truly the MIRACLE product I was amazed. As soon as I layed the cleaner in my grout lines this baby started to bubble and turn a light green. After ten or so minutes of letting the cleaner sit i grabbed a toothbrush expecting to have to scrub the love out of the grout for a result, but I didn’t! I hardly brushed againt the grout and chunks I mean chunks of little black/brown dirt was floating. This Dollar Tree product was extracting dirt in my grout. Funny the things we get excited about as adults.

I present the MIRACLE DIY grout cleaner.

Lime away

This product was bought at the Dollar Tree. Yesterday when I started this DIY grout cleaning project Ionly had one in the house, but I clearly needed more. After realizing the Clorox was useless I hopped in the car and scooted down the the Dollar Tree and picked up 4 bottles. So total for 5 bottles of grout cleaner for roughly 600 sq ft of house was $5.00. Have you ever seen those ads for grout cleaning for your house? I have on places like groupon and sure for someone it might be a “good deal”, but not for this frugal wife. Maybe you’re asking yourself if the time is worth it or pay a bit more? It’s worth the feeling, trust me, your wallet will thank you.

Here is what the grout looked like before I touched anything.


As you can see the grout needed some attention.

This is what the clorox cleaner did, after sitting for 15 minutes and scrubbing. Pretty much the same as the before. Sometimes, well many times the more expensive isn’t always the best.

Clorox after

Here is the Lime Away working some serious magic, bubbling away. I will say applying the cleaner is the easiest part. The tip of the bottle is perfect for running along the grout swiftly. The cleanup, that is a bit of work, but worth the work I promise.


Do you see all of that GROSS dirt floating around? Yep that’s what the Lime Away extracted. Amazing and gross all at the same moment.

bubbling dirt

Below is the difference between Lime Away and nothing. What a difference.

difference between lime away and nothing

After wiping away the dirt and bubbles I got out my mop and with just water mopped up as much as I could. This is a bit of a process and can be a bit slippery so be careful. Two passes for the mopping to get majority of the residue up. After I finished round two of mopping I let the floor dry and used my steam mop to touch the floors up.

When my husband got home from work he was amazed at the floor and I will say when I woke up this morning the floor pops. Looks the way I bet this grout looked when it was laid down and brand new. My floor looks the way tile should look. We all get so used to seeing the floor with dirty grout that is more normal.

Finished Product

Pretty grout.

Finished Hallway

The hallway above finished and below is the kitchen finished. (Please excuse the dogs toy)

Finished Kitchen

This is a great DIY grout cleaner and worked like magic. Total I would say I spent three hours from start to finish including having to go get more cleaner. Total I spent $5.00, doesn’t get more frugal than that now does it?

Happy Frugal Living!




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Happy Frugal Living!

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