Happy New Year 2016!

Hello my frugal followers! First off I’d like to say sorry for not having posted in quite some time. Life has been so hectic for the past few months I’ve pretty much been a mini tornado! Let’s catch up shall we.

Of course I have still been at my frugal ways with some sprinkling of changes along the way.

A few months ago I found the most amazing thrift store thanks to a dear friend of mine here in Arizona.

Sunshine Acres Thrift Store and Children’s Home

This thrift store is wonderful. No they aren’t HUGE, but they are supporting children who don’t have their families to care for them. Not only that, but the prices are also pretty amazing along with quality of items they have there. I frequent Sunshine Acres at least once a month now a days. If you’re local to Arizona you need to head over there and support them.

For Christmas this year I made some awesome Peppermint Sugar Scrub and Peppermint Lip Balm for the ladies in my family as gifts along with an ornament full of hot cocoa mix and marshmallows. Super simple to make and very cost effective, of course!

Ornaments =.97 each at walmart bought 6 = $5.82

Hot Cocoa Mix = $2.48/ea bought 2 = $4.96

Mini Marshmallows = $.96/ per bag bought 1 = $.96

Candy Canes = $1.50/box bought 1 box = $1.50

Total spent = $13.24

Cost for each ornament given out (6) = $2.20 each

IMG_3495 (2)

They turned out so pretty and everyone loved them. There is a bigger part of me that enjoys making gifts for people opposed to buying them gifts. A gift made and given is far more thoughtful, especially this time of year.

The lip balm turned out great also. I am going to do a whole post about the lip balm not just a quick high light here for you.

December 13th was a pretty rough day. That day would have been my due date for our peanut that I miscarried in May. We’re still hoping for a good news one of these months for our families future, but so far we haven’t. For a few months there I was starting to become doubtful and sullen. 6 months and counting of trying with the doctors blessing and haven’t had luck. I learned an interesting fact last week, there is roughly a 10% chance of getting pregnant during your window of opportunity every month. Here we are a couple with high desires to have a baby and can’t seem to hit that window just right, yet, there are hundreds and thousands of unwanted pregnancies every day. How does that happen? Really? Baffles me completely and at first I will admit made me feel a little down in the dumps. With that said the hubs and I are welcoming 2016 to a year of prosper and a growing family!

February 2016 is going to mark our one year anniversary as a married couple. I’ve taken to some pretty fun and different gifts for the date. Hopefully the Mr. loves the gifts, just as I do they are mainly home made with plenty of love for him.

At the end of summer I changed jobs, this change has forced us to be a bit more frugal at least for now. The company I selected to work for has plenty of room for growth, which certainly a great part of them, but in that I took a bit of a pay slice. With that said I am up for a promotion in the next two months and am very excited about that prospect. Naturally that doesn’t mean I will change my frugal ways, I most certainly won’t. Building a nest egg for retirement is one of the big goals as we leap into 2016.

Well folks 2016 is going to bring some great frugal tips for everyone, fun DIY projects around the house, frugal travel ideas and tips, Valentine’s Day frugal crafts and DIY gifts for him or her, some frugal menu planning, and so much more. Stay tuned!


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Happy Frugal Living!

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