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A few weeks ago there was a local thrift store doing a mega sale. Of course this was one I had never been to, driven past a time or two yes, but I’d never actually shopped there. “Epic Thrift” is the name and there are a few locations not far from where I live. The deal was simple, bring them 20lbs worth of clothing and shoes only and receive a large brown paper bag to fill up with as much clothing and shoes as possible for a flat rate. What was the rate you ask? I’ll tell you, just not yet. Anyway it was like the angels coming down from above singing their praises of joy and excitement. For someone as frugal as I am being able to literally fill up a bag without looking at one single solitary price tag was incredible. Knowing I’d be looking and hopefully starting the next chapter of my professional career soon I immediately began looking for items that would be work worthy.

My three teenagers deemed the Epic Thrift not at all to be EPIC but they couldn’t manage to find anything they liked, and my thought was fine then more for me and your father. That’s that.

Here we go with the array of pictures to show what I scored! Get your guesses weighed in.

Epic thrift clothes on couch

See all those goodies? Some of the items were from higher priced stores like Lucky Brand Jeans, American Eagle, and Ann Taylor. I sure am frugal, but I still like the nicer clothes out there I’m just not a fan of the new store prices AT ALL.

epic thrift clothes

epic thrift clothes 5

epic thrift clothes 4

Epic thrift clothes 3

Do you see those jean shorts? Those have the tags still on them, brand new. The price new on those babies was $59.99. I couldn’t stomach the idea of anyone on earth spending that much for one pair of shorts! Holy crow!

epic thrift clothes 2

Now that you’ve seen the pile I will tell you just how much this would have cost as a full price… $173 yes that much for all of these amazing items. What did I pay $20.00 yes $20.00. For donating 20lbs of clothing I spent only $20 on everything.

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