Raised Vegetable Garden Bed

One week ago today I decided to build a raised garden bed. What motivated me to do this on a day where the temperature reached a record 117 degrees? Yes, 117 degrees. I had recently left my job and wasn’t going to be starting my new one for a week so I took that time and well made some awesome raised garden beds. Now you’re thinking, wait it’s 117 out how are you going to grow anything? Seems unlikely I know. After August our temperatures begin to drop, you know, into the 90’s. That is the time to plant your fall garden here. Alright enough on our weather moving on to my frugal raised vegetable garden beds.

First things first I headed to my local Home Depot to pick up some supplies. I picked up some lumber for $2.45 each and got 5. 4 were for the long sides and I decided I would measure and cut the 5th piece for my short sides. Easy enough and frugal enough. I grabbed one raised garden bed/top soil bag for $8.46 and 2 vegetable garden feeding bags of soil to mix up for $4.98 each. I already had the vegetable seeds at home. Those were purchased some time back for roughly $10.00 for all of the packets total. My total bill at Home Depot was $30.67 before taxes.

Once I got home I began constructing my beautiful raised garden beds. Naturally my husband has some electric tools that come in handy, however, the saw decided I wasn’t a likely subject to use it so the damn thing refused to turn on. Why I am clueless! Stomping my very sweaty self around the garage I located a simple hand held saw, you know the kind that never fail you and was on my way.

After all the wood was cut up and ready to rock I nailed the short sides to the long sides with just some basic wood nails we had in the garage. Nothing fancy. Now sure my raised garden beds aren’t the type that will probably last for 20 years, but they’re going to live for at least 2-5 years and I am A O K with that.

For months I’ve been watching the sun, where, and how long each area of the yard is nailed. Up against our house gets some great morning sun and is shady most of the afternoon. Since our weather is pretty extreme in the summer I decided even if the plant needs full sun that the amount it will get should be plenty.

before anything done


before anything done different view

What you are seeing is my husbands ability to leave the axe anywhere in the yard and it move for weeks at a time 🙂

Nothing special to see here folks , just some rocks and dirt. Now that I had the beds built I needed to clear out the area for planting.

before with rocks removed

Considering 3/4 of my yard is still nothing but rock and this fabulous (said no one ever) clay mud clearing the area out was super easy.

Once the area was cleared next I needed to get the ground damp and put the garden beds in their final resting places.

both garden beds built

Aren’t they so pretty? I must admit I was pretty impressed with myself after completing these puppies. Constructing your own raised garden beds for less than $50 is completely possible, just takes some elbow grease and in my case 3 gallons of sweat.

garden beds fully built

Each garden bed is 18″ wide and 72″ long. Plenty of space for my little what can I grow experiment!

Moving along! Before I could mix up the soil and plant my seeds I put a good layer of cardboard down to help with keeping the weeds out of my garden.

cardboard in beds


Next came the dumping and mixing of soil.

both garden beds full of soil

Don’t they look divine! For about five minutes after I finished this section I started questioning my own sanity. I mean let’s get real here for a second. At 1 pm and 117 degrees outside I’m running around building from the bottom up some raised garden beds like it’s some superb spring afternoon. You should have seen my face and come to think of it I should have taken a picture of my incredibly beat red face and soaked tee shirt for your viewing pleasure but I didn’t.

Any who. Now the planting time came. I made sure to follow the packets directions with space etc. Make sure you do also. Don’t just throw some seeds around at any depth and space between or your gardens success isn’t going to be very productive.

garden beds with seed packets

I layed all the vegetables that were to be planted in the garden out by who needs more space, what do I want to plant the most of etc. What did I plant anyway? Brussels Sprouts (They are my FAVORITE) just ask my lovely husband who is so sick of literally eating these babies once or twice a week, every week. Cucumbers, Zucchini, Green Beans, and Two types of Lettuce.

Once they were all beautifully planted I watered them again. Before I planted the seeds I got the soil nice and damp so the seeds had a lovely bed to start out with.

Today marks one week since planting my raised vegetable garden beds and I have some amazing results already.

So far the Zucchini, Cucumbers, Green Beans, and today the Brussels Sprouts have SPROUTED up! Yes 7 days later and I have some serious action.

garden bed with cuc sprouts

first sprouts garden bed

This is what the sprouts looked like on Tuesday, and it was my husband who pointed them out to me. He was wondering how they sprouted so quickly, and I don’t know but the excitement is awesome.

Here are what they look like today exactly 7 days after being planted.

My dad seems to think I will have enough for a salad next week at this rate, jokingly of course, but seriously look how big already!

sprouts 7 days after planting

one week after planting more sprouts

one week after planting more sprouts 2

I can’t even tell you how awesome this is. Trying to grow pretty much anything but dirt in Arizona is impossible. Our heat is brutal in summer. My lawn is sad and half brown right now. You can totally build your owned raised garden vegetable beds on your own frugally. Growing your own food is an accomplishment. You don’t need a 40 acre farm in Wyoming (I have a new love for this state) to grow your own food at home naturally. Sure I won’t have enough food to feed my family all year, but sure will feel good to eat healthy options at home grown by my own hands.

Happy Frugal Living!


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Happy Frugal Living!

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