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Hello my fellow Frugal Friends! I have been SO busy for the past month I haven’t had any time to post here it has been crazy. Recently I had a 16th birthday party for my oldest step daughter and just this past Saturday a surprise 40th birthday party for my amazing husband. The frugal wife strikes again in birthday party planning!

Let’s recap, shall we!

16th Birthday Breakdown


My step daughter wanted a “Glow in the Dark” party. So that is what we did, frugally but of course!

First things first we needed glow in the dark supplies! Amazon is my JAM I found some amazing deals for her party. I got light up LED balloons 20 balloons for $6.08. 50 mini assorted color glow sticks for $7.18. A roll of black paper for decorating and glow in the dark fun for $10.53 for 12×24 feet of paper, and lastly 12 glow in the dark sunglasses for $7.87. Total at = $31.66 Then there was hobby lobby for some glow in the dark paint. The paint was only .77 a bottle and we got 5 bottles of different colors and one pack of .99 cent brushes Total = $4.84 and lastly Target for some Glow sticks. They had a great party set with a TON of glow sticks and connectors for bracelets, necklaces, and everything under the sun for only $10.99.

IMG_2476 IMG_2475

Second she needed decorations for this Sweet 16 Glow in the Dark party so I skipped on down to the Dollar Tree and began collecting plates, streamers, balloons, and napkins. My grand total at the dear Dollar Tree was only $11.00 for all supplies. WAHOO! Frugal extravaganza!

Third, food and drinks for the growing youth! Kids are simple burgers and hot dogs will suffice. I also make this pretty awesome kid’s punch for every party we have including our wedding a few months back. Simple, frugal, and they love it! Cranberry juice and sprite. That’s it folks, nothing snazzy just juice and sprite. So I picked up hot dogs, hamburgers, juice, and chips. My amazing neighbor/ friend got the cupcakes and made her sausage cheese dip for the shin dig also. All together food cost $65.00.

Grand total to throw a slammin’ Glow in the Dark Sweet 16 was (drum) = $123.49. My goal was to stay below $125 for the entire party minus her presents of course, and I did by an entire $1.51. There were roughly 15 kids at the house and one HUGE mess in the morning, but she loved the party and that is all that I cared about, well, and of course doing this at a FRUGAL price. I was too busy running back and forth and all over helping my husband make food and you know do one million tasks that I didn’t take any pictures of the party. Hind sight I suppose.


Surprise 40th Birthday Breakdown

My husband turned 40th this past weekend, so I threw him what was supposed to be a surprise 40th birthday party. He ended up finding out two DAYS before the party I had been planning for 3 MONTHS! Talk about a freakin’ bummer. Anyway, since it was his 40th birthday I wanted to make sure he had a good time with some friends and family, frugally, of course.

First, I got him a fisherman cake topper from amazon for $7.97 and some “40” hanging decorations for $4.87 a pack and got two packs. Total for amazon was $17.71. P.S. I do surveys at Surveys to earn money e-rewards and redeem for gift cards. Once you have $35.00 in surveys you can earn a $10.00 gift card. SO I used my $10.00 gift card and spent an actual $7.71 on those items. P.P.S. I do this leading up to Christmas like a freak and last year got $30.00 worth of gift cards, sure it’s not going to be loads of mula, but it adds up folks, it adds up.

Second, my daughter had a black and green themed glow in the dark 16th birthday two weeks before his party (STRESS meter off the charts) and I just so happened to decide my husbands should have a black and white theme. She had some left over plates and napkins from hers which went into the stock for his saved a few bucks. I got his plates, napkins, balloons, and streamers at the Dollar Tree. Total was 2 packs of plates, 3 packs of napkins, 2 bags of balloons (one white, one black), 2 packs of streamers (one black, one white) = $9.00 total at the Dollar Tree.

Third, Party City. Considering some other party supply stores they are pretty reasonably priced. We still had forks, spoons, and knives left over from our wedding in February so no need to purchase those. I got a few decorations specific for a 40th birthday, one was a pack of 10 items for $9.99 and two tables clothes to match for $3.50 a piece. Total with party city was = $16.99.

Fourth, FOOD and booze. This was a 40th birthday party after all. Booze was pretty much mandatory. I made a spectacular Sangria and bought 2 cases of beer for the manly folk. My Sangria consisted of one LARGE bottle of CHEAP Merlot as in $5.99 for the bottle. One bottle of generic Sprite, one lemon, one lime, and one orange. TA DA. Cost me a mere $8.36 for Sangria that lasted the entire party. Many people brought their own beer etc with them (thankfully) so my beer purchase wasn’t awful only 2 30 packs for $19.99 (on sale). Had some lemon water for the no alcohol please folks and made the same kids punch for this party from my daughters party total alcohol and juice purchase = $51.22.

Food! My awesome neighbor and friend made her cheesy sausage dip and a bean dip for the party, because, she’s awesome. I made the cake, I’m not exactly sending my resume off to the
Next Great Baker or anything, trust me. However two boxes of cake mix and yes one container of icing was only $5.57 total for a cake and of course my time which is priceless my friends, freaking priceless.

IMG_2540 My master piece cake!

Anyway, moving on. I made my pickle pinwheels which are not only a favorite of my husband but evidently every single other person at the party, a hit, as usual. They consist of ham, cream cheese, and dill pickles. Do Not Judge until you’ve tried one. The ingredients sound awful, they taste incredible. So cream cheese was $1.79, pickles were $1.89 and ham was $3.99. Total = $7.67 for those puppies. I got some pre-made salsa, worst Mexican wife in the world I know. I hoped nobody would A) Notice and B) be too polite to say a word. I didn’t have time nor do I really have  good salsa recipe, anything PA Dutch or German I GOT THIS, Hispanic I so DON’T HAVE THIS. $1.22 pr container I got 3. Tortilla chips 3 bags for $1.00 each on sale. One container of yes, pre made hummus I would never survive in California without knowing how to properly pulsate the chick peas into a glorified hummus dip, I digress.  That was $4.99. Finally I picked up pre frozen hamburgers and some hot dogs $12.99 pr bag of burgers and $9.99 for all the dogs (32 hot dogs I believe). Again not going to be pattying up hamburgers for 30+ people. No thank you. Total Food cost = $60.86 I know seems so cheap, uh because it was!

Lastly. My sanity cost roughly a million dollars over the course of planning, preparing, blowing the surprise cover, and cleaning up the mess the next morning. Regardless the grand total for my husbands awesome 40th birthday party = $145.78 and the goal was less than $150.00 total.

IMG_2555 This is my husbands surprised face. I managed to keep ONE SURPRISE, his cousin, who flew in from Iowa. He may have found about the party in general but I did manage to keep that one bitty piece a shock! Point for Wife!

Really throwing a party at home can be cost effective. Sure you have the mess of 30 people in your house, a bathroom that looks like a herd of wild elephants stormed through, but at the end of the day when the party is over you get to crawl into your bed in your home and not pay for a space, clean up, or gross banquet food.


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