Summer Activities for Teens Cheap!

School is roughly one month for most of the country from being dismissed for three months. What are you going to do with your teenagers who are bound to sit home all day long while you’re working? They’re going to need activities to keep their minds and bodies busy during these months of “summer vacation”. Oh let me step back mentally for a moment and remember those summers, how lucky kids are, alright back to reality. Seriously though your teenagers need to have something to do other than lounge on the couch eating Cheetos and playing video games this summer. Sure there will be days they do this, but not every single one of them.

Let me help you get some ideas, for a frugal ticket price of, free or almost free activities.

1. Swimming. If you happen to have a pool in your backyard you’re one of the lucky ones and your teens won’t have far to travel to the pool! If not, check out the local public pools near your house especially if they’re within walking distance. Typically the cost is minimal roughly $1.00-$2.00 for entrance. Give the kid’s $10.00 and they have admission and snack money!

2. Volunteer. Yes, not only will this look good on your teens college application, but will teach them if they don’t know already how amazing giving back to the community feels. This will be harder to accomplish if you live in the country and nobody can take them, but try to find another parent who maybe could and a friend for your teen to have go along.

3. Take a hike. Nature is free, your teenagers can hike until their hearts are content for free.

4. Have a picnic in the backyard. Sure they aren’t going anywhere, but their imaginations can run wild!

5. Have a movie marathon night or afternoon. Yes this is a sit on the couch activity, but who doesn’t love an every once in awhile movie marathon?

6. Start a scrapbook of all the fun activities done over the summer.

7. Grow a vegetable garden. How much fun could this be for your teenager? They will have a harvest by the end of the season and a responsibility to look after every day!

8. Host a car wash for the location volunteering at to make a donation to their organization or a car wash for another charity locally.

9. Catch lightening bugs at night. This is something I miss terribly living in Arizona. We don’t have lightening bugs here, but back east holy crow they are everywhere. Make sure your teens poke some holes in the top of the jar so the bugs don’t die!

10. Babysit for some of the neighborhood kids. Not only will your teen be giving back to the community but they also are given the chance to make some pocket change for their services. Parents will certainly love getting a break as well!

11. Go to the library. Screech! Learning in the summer! Yikes! Yes, your teen can find a book or ten focusing on a subject they love and they won’t feel like they’re being schooled!

12. Go the beach (location permitting). Bury a friend in the sand, swim, boogey board/ surf, and maybe even play a game or two of beach volleyball! Don’t forget to grab some boardwalk fries with the babysitting earnings!

13. Sell lemonade. Throw back, when I was younger I used to sell lemonade on a golf course. I wasn’t exactly aware I wasn’t supposed to do that, but I made some serious money doing this. At one point I even used to bag up veggies from our garden and sell them to the golfers as well.

14. Plan a fun luau at home for your parents. Have everything ready to go when they get home. Check out Pinterest for Ideas!

15. Sleep until noon, once, maybe twice.

16. Play in the sprinklers and/or have a water balloon neighborhood fight.

17. Give yourself and friends a pedicure and manicure, fun day for the girls. Finish off by making some neat collages with old magazines around the house and playing music. (Now I wish I was a teenager at this moment)

18. Make a family tree. Not only can this be super fun for your teens, but they will also learn more about their family.

19. Go old school and play some board games. Surely parents you have some board games stored in your hall closet!

20. Have fun! Enjoy the summer!

Teens don’t need to spend a ton of money to have fun. A little bit of creativity can go a long way this summer. Keep the price tag of summer fun on the frugal side with some or all of these summer activities for your teens!

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