Goodwill Hunting for Deals May 16th

This past weekend I did my monthly 50% off Saturday Goodwill hunt. My two step-daughters and I went to two different Goodwill stores, but didn’t have a ton of luck. Maybe donations are down? Or perhaps there just wasn’t a ton of items I wanted to spend money on, 50% off or not. Keep that in mind folks, just because the price is CHEAP doesn’t mean you MUST buy the item. Here is what I rounded up.


As you can see not many items.

My daughter needed a new binder. Regular price $.99 on sale for $.49


My other daughter got the black sandals and I got the flowered ones. The black ones were regular priced $3.99 on sale for $1.99. The flowered ones were $2.99 on sale for $1.49. Holy crow less than $2.00 for a pair of sandals!? Can we say frugal score!



The girls found this tee shirt for their brother who loves this band. Regular price $2.99 on sale for $1.49



My husband needed another pair of dress pants and I found a pair his size in perfect shape! If you have a husband who needs dress pants you know how costly they can get in the stores new, we’re talking upwards of $75-$100 a pair. Uhm that is NOT in the frugal wife budget at all.



I found two shirts and a pair of capris for myself. Summer in AZ is hot and as much as shorts would be ideal I am not a fan of them. Capris now that is my jam. The Capris were regular priced at $7.99 on sale for $3.99. The blue button down was regular priced at $7.99 also on sale for $3.99 and the blouse (you can’t see in this picture) was regular priced at $7.99 on sale for $3.99. That simple white tee shirt is for my daughter and regular priced at $6.99 on sale for $3.49. Total for the clothing including sandals regular price = $47.92 but I paid $23.96 for all the clothing!






I managed in this entire shopping adventure to find ONE measly household decor item. These adorable vase fillers were regular priced at $6.99 but I paid $3.49 for the bag. If you shop at stores like Michael’s or Hobby Lobby you see how costly these decor items can get. Not in my budget, nope. You can see them way in the back. Aren’t they adorable?



So for a Saturday, everyone in my household got an item or two and I spent a total (drum roll please) of $27.94

Maybe I didn’t change the world in what I purchased or was able to buy an entire wardrobe, but we all walked away with a little something for less than $30.00!

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