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Couponing in the extreme sense is not my jam, and I’m sorry if that offends you. I however look for deals everywhere I possibly can.  Yes I clip coupons, and yes I will help you in your mission to save more money!

Today I’d like to share with you some of the deals I have found for you. These will range from online shopping to ads and coupons. Prepare to have your frugal mind blown in 3….2….1….

1. Groupon. I’ve mentioned this site to you before and I want to quickly do that AGAIN. If you don’t have a Groupon account go get one here Groupon . Make sure before pulling the trigger on any deal that it’s a deal worth getting. Compare prices, check out the menu before you buy a food groupon deal, and check for reviews and questions. Go download the APP also.  Groupon App Link

2. Retailmenot. Have you heard of this. If not you’ve been slamming that snooze on savings button for FAR FAR too long my friend. Wake up and smell the savings! Ok moving on. You can download the RetailMeNot App so do that now. What is this? You can find coupon codes for online shopping and in store shopping for stores located near you and nationwide. How fabulous is that? You need a coupon code for let’s say Kohl’s check retailmenot, and if there is one they have it for you. Here is RetailMeNot site go there and forage towards saving major bucks.

3. Target. However you’d like to pronounce the name, hehe, you’re going to save money. Here’s the deal. Go into their store or online to sign up. You need to get yourself the Target Cartwheel App on your phone immediately. Depending on whether you use credit cards or not will apply to you. If you sign up for their Red Card credit card you will get 5% off of your purchase every time. You can also sign up for the red card debit card this also gives you 5% off. Target also does accept manufacturer’s coupons. Just take a peek at Target Coupon Policy before you head down with a arm load of coupons. So a recap. You use Target Cartwheel App for more savings and in store coupons, bring your clipped ones from home, and get a credit card or debit card for an additional 5% off! CHA CHING!

4. Favado. This one is new to me, but I see people talking about this app. You can download Favado to your phone here, Favado App . Once you’ve downloaded this gem you can check out what stores have what deals all around you. Know what deals are good before you go! You can compare deals at stores you go to often and see who has the most bang for your buck. Get this app  you won’t regret the decision.

5. Checkout51. What is this you ask? Can we say CASH BACK. Say that again, oh it sounds sweeter the second time around! Yes, cash back. Again download the app (I feel like a broken record), Checkout51 . The offers change week to week, but seriously you’re going to buy milk and eggs anyway, why not be able to get cash back. Once you’ve accumulated $20 in cash back they will send you a check. CHA CHING! You can also have an account online and don’t need the app to use this awesome cash back product. Get to saving!

6. Coupons. Now that I’ve done some research for you fellow frugal wives my tune on coupons is beginning to shift. The. World. Is. Ending. (giggles, just kidding). The major part about couponing is to be organized. Go out and pick up a three ring heavy duty binder and some pockets. Get the paper, yes this is mandatory. If you already get the Sunday paper that is awesome, now order a second paper. You don’t need to go all crazy and get 4 or 5 papers. We’re not trying to land on the Extreme Couponing show, that just isn’t my model. I don’t need to buy 80 tubes of toothpaste and really neither do you. 2 Sunday papers should suffice for what you need. Clip, organize, and check the apps I told you about for local deals. Easy peesy lemon squeezey. (none of that is spelled right, I know this, you know this)

  • Don’t buy items JUST because you have a coupon. If you don’t need the item, stop yourself.
  • Use coupons for items you normally buy and need.
  • Make a shopping list and STICK to the list.
  • Don’t get overwhelmed with couponing. You can do this without being overwhelmed.

Happy Frugal Living!

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Happy Frugal Living!

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