Goodwill Hunting for Deals April 18th

Ok folks I might have an addiction to deals. I confess I have a problem I LOVE to save money. Our home is well our castle and everyone, you included, love to have a home that looks and feels amazing I am sure of this. I am no different, but my methods are in that of saving some serious dough. Moving on…

This Saturday was a total success at Goodwill. I bagged some awesome finds.

First on the list is the area rug for my HUGE living room. I’ve been dying for a nice one, but, I will not pay HUNDREDS of dollars for a freaking rug that is out of the question.


Can you Believe this was only $9.99!

My kids and dogs are totally in love with this area rug!

Next up the fun stuff!

I scored an awesome red vase for decor. Originally $5.99 on sale for $2.99. Um yes please.


We have this loft like space above our TV in the living room I am in search of deals for decor to put up there this vase is one item. Once I have enough to fill the space I will post a decor blog post about that, but I am nowhere near that yet.

Next.. My framed quote picture which was $3.99 on sale for $1.99. This is something I think you’d find at a Hobby Lobby or Michael’s. I scored on this picture.


Without doing this on purpose the framed artwork matches my vase perfectly.

Next. Pants hangers. I know these seem a bit silly, but we needed them. My husband has a ton of nice dress pants for work and we didn’t have enough hangers so I picked a 5 of them. They were .69 originally, on sale for .34 each total =$2.04 for all 5. WIN!


My goodwill weekend score run down.

Rug = $9.99 (Originally $19.99)

Vase = $2.99 (Originally $5.99)

Hangers = $2.04 (Originally $3.45 for 5)

Framed Art =$1.99 (Originally $3.99)

Total Spent = $17.01 WIN!

Happy Frugal Living!


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Happy Frugal Living!

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