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Saturday morning I did my bi weekly drop by Home Depot. Why you ask? I regularly check their OOPS paint pile. There are days I score some superb colors for my house. This Saturday there was the PERFECT color for my tiny bathroom. The guest bath I posted my Bathroom Remodel DIY #1 blog on I got the paint from OOPS pile also. Anyway. I decided I would take Sunday to paint the tiny space.

Boring Bathroom Before





This bathroom is SO tiny taking pictures I was literally in Spider man style against the shower wall.  This people was my poor attempt in getting some somewhat decent before pictures. Success is mine! Bahahahah. I wish the builders would have oh I don’t made the bathroom big enough for the average person to TURN AROUND in. I swear the designer of this house was not thinking when drawing the plans out. BLAH!

Painting today took NO time at all. I also spent less than $20 total. Yes you got that right frugal friends.

Paint = $9.00

Tape = $0.00 had left over from the other bathroom project

Rollers and Extender piece =$10.00

Total to paint Bathroom = $19.00 LESS THAN $20.00!

Check it out! 1 gallon of paint for $9.00 WAHOO



I get seriously giddy over saving money on something as awesome as paint. Yes I am a weirdo. My husband can completely agree, I assure you of this.



Still wet and not showing the awesome dry color yet!





One point I would like to make is that these walls were NEVER painted before. Yes I know crazy this house was built in 2007 and in the almost 8 years of its life nobody thought this tiny bathroom needed some color. With that said, I only needed one good coat. How awesome is that? Not having to climb back on a ladder to paint the top again. Yes a ladder fit in here. A bit tight, but it did. See……

You should have seen my step son trying to get the ladder in there for me. Hilarious.





All in all I spent about 2 hours total time and less than $20.00 on painting this bathroom. I already had that adorable shower curtain so no other money was spent on my painting adventure!

You can update a space like your bathroom with just a gallon of paint and a Sunday afternoon.

Happy Frugal Living!


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Happy Frugal Living!

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