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Personally I don’t get offended by the word “cheap”, and neither should you. Of course frugal sounds better, but it’s all relatively the same don’t you think? My family likes to go on weekend getaway’s during the summer. If you know anything about Arizona you know summer time here is BRUTAL flat out BRUTAL. If you drive just a couple hours north of the Phoenix area the temp drops anywhere from 10 to 20 degrees making life less oven like.

Going away with 3 kids and 2 adults isn’t cheap unless you’re well frugal like this momma.

Last summer we went to Greerfor a weekend in August. Where we stayed was a cabin with a fully equipped kitchen. The cost for the cabin which slept all 5 of us plus one friend that the kids brought. So 6 total for $90. The cost of gas which was roughly $75 there and back. As for food I bought, prepared, and packed food from home. We had what seemed like a million sandwiches made with water bottles and snacks for the drive. We didn’t stop to eat on the way there was food to be had in the car. Dinner was packed for Saturday night and so was breakfast for Sunday morning.

We found free activities while we were in Greer. Right now the street from our cabin was a great stream we went on a hike and walk around the stream area and enjoyed the outdoors. There was also an adorable ice cream shop right now the way so we went Saturday night and got some ice scream with the kids.

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Breakdown of events:

Gas = $75 for round trip

Cabin rental = $90 one night

Food = $50 (spent at home shopping)

Ice cream = $20

Total spent = $235

To some that might seem like a lot, but when we’re talking about 6 people total it’s not to shabby for a fun weekend away.

On our way home we stopped at some antique shops to look around and did some sight seeing, all for, you guessed correctly FREE.

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We love being able to get away with our kids, but at a frugal price. Currently I’m pricing and researching a weekend trip to San Diego for our daughter’s 16th birthday. Goal is to keep the price about $300- $400 for the entire trip including gas, activities, and food. Of course I will post on this in June when we go.

Weekend getaways are possible for a frugal price. You don’t need to spend an arm and leg to get out of town.

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