25 Ways to Save Money…. Simply

There are some super simple ways to save money every month. Some might seem like no brainer and others will light up that brain of yours on how to rack up the savings.

1. Buy Items on Sale that you USE

2. Freeze fruit and veggies when they’re in season and on sale for use during the winter months

3. Avoid eating lunch out during the work week. This can save roughly $30-$50/ weekly. That’s $2,080 annually.

4. Freeze ready made meals for busy work nights to save on eating out.

5. Utilize your crock pot, they save lives, like mine.

6. Find fun and free or next to free activities on weekend with your spouse and kids. Example: parks, hiking, picnics, cheap public pools in summer months, and even some fairs and festivals in town.

7. Go to the clearance rack at a store you shop for clothing at. Places like Kohl’s not only have a ton of clearance, but are always sending 15, 20 and 30% coupons in the mail. Go when you have a coupon for your store charge card and shop clearance. Just recently I got a great blouse that was originally $48 for $5.

8. Cut meat from one meal a week. Average savings of $10 a week. Replace with a vegetarian protein like eggs or beans.

9. Make breakfast for dinner. Usually we have all the fixings for breakfast at home all the time. This will be quick, frugal, and fun for the kids. (My dad used to do this every once in a while when we were kids, always loved that)

10. Save on electric by doing the following: Hand wash and dry your dishes, turn lights off in a room when you leave, take short showers instead of long bathes, air dry your hair instead of blow drying, use blackout curtains to keep heat in and cold out.

11. Cut out cable. GASP! Subscribe to Netflix and/or Hulu instead. Netflix is $7.99/mo and Hulu is $8.99/mo. Total of $16.98 instead of what $100 for cable!? That’s $83.02 a month and $996/annually saved! YIKES!

12. Cancel the gym. There is a world outside aka the FREE GYM. Go on a hike, ride a bike, take your dogs on a walk, or find free at home workouts to do. Again, for free!

13. Car pool or use public transportation when available. If you and your spouse work close to each other and share the same hours, why take two cars and use twice as much gas? For a long time my husband and I worked 1 mile apart. I had the ability to make my own schedule and two days a week scheduled myself to work the same hours as him so we could car pool, it saved tons of gas money.

14. Buy Meat in Bulk. Separate and freeze for multiple meals. For example I will buy a 3lb package of ground beef and/or ground turkey and separate into 3 bags all 1lb each. Three meals so that $10.00 package costs $3.33 pr meal in meat. Do the same for chicken.

15. Buy a whole chicken. Put the chicken in your crock pot all day with seasonings. Make dinner with cooked chicken  night #1. remove all bones from meat, put bones back in crockpot with 3-4 cups of water. Leave on low overnight. Now you have homemade broth. Freeze broth for later usage. Use the rest of the chicken  you took off of the bone for 2-3 more meals. You just took one whole chicken for $7-$8 and made 4-5 meals. That’s an average of $1.66 pr meal in meat cost.

16.Eat a Raw meal one night a week and stop yourself from turning on the stove. Save electricity.

17. Have an at home movie night once a month. Instead of spending a ton of money at the theater go to red box and pick up a few movies. Get some movie theater candy from the store and make popcorn at home. You will spend less on all of that than one ticket for the theater.

18. Hand make gifts for friends and family. I make lip balm (will post blog post on this soon) and give this as gifts to friends and family. You can find a plethora of ideas on Pinterest is my jam

19. Make coffee at home. Sure Starbucks is amazing, but it’s also expensive. Buy a bag of coffee, and a to go cup. Limit yourself to one Starbucks a week or month as a splurge.

20. Wash in cold water. I swear to you the clothing get just as clean in cold water, and you’re going to save yourself roughly $100 a year doing this.

21. Use the website www.gasbuddy.com to find the cheapest gas in your area. A few cents adds up over time.

22. Check out other cell phone providers or call your carrier and ask about any deals to save you some money. I was able to cut $50/mo off of my cell phone bill monthly by simply asking about any deals.

23. Pay OFF YOUR DEBT. Pay off your credit card debt and you will give yourself a couple hundred bucks a month for your savings account.

24. Grow a garden. By growing a fruit and veggie garden you will not only save some money on produce, but you will also be eating healthier without any chemicals!

25. Put up a clothes line and hang your clothes to dry. This will certainly save on electricity and the smell of clothes on the line is the best smell in the world.

These are some of the easiest ways to save money right? That’s exactly what I thought. Get to it frugal followers!

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Happy Frugal Living!

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  1. I think this is my favorite frugal wife edition! ALL great ideas and many I wouldn’t have thought of…thank you

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