Good Will Hunting for DEALS

This past weekend was the Goodwill 50% Saturday sale. Hip Hip HOORAY for savings. Seriously though, wahoo.

Usually my Goodwill trips are ONCE a month on 50% day. Most of the time I have my two girls tag along and give them a modest dollar amount to spend on items this past weekend it was $20.00 each. On 50% day that is a steal, neither managed to spend all of the money either roughly $15 a piece all in all.

Anyway here is the breakdown and some pictures OF COURSE of what I scored and for how much.

Total spent =$54.00 which would have been drum roll please…. $108. YIKES

1. Two super cool tall wine glass looking decorative pieces. Tall one was $9.99 and short was $7.99 would have cost $17.98 but was actually $8.99 for both.

This is just where I have set them until I figure out what and where to put them!


decor 2
See my SUPER COOL Titanic newspaper article behind the shorter one!


2. Two wall sconces that are painted black with gold trim. Thought they were pretty nifty. Heavy and in good shape. They were each $4.99 without sale. Total with sale for both $4.99

decor 3
These puppies need a little bit of TLC touch up paint, but for less than $5.00 for both you just can’t beat that!


3. A three section wooden hanging mail organizer with three hooks on the bottom for keys. Our mail can get out. of. control. The piece is solid and hooks are solidly attached. $4.99 regular price. Paid $2.50.

decor 4
Organizing mail for $2.50!


4. 3 clothing items for my self included. Pair of Ann Taylor Loft capris for $7.99  on sale$3.99 , Coldwater creek cardigan for $4.99 on sale $2.50 and a tank top no tag but adorable for $2.99 for $1.50 . Lastly a pair of clogs for $3.99 for $1.99.

5. Between my two girls on clothing they both got a few items totaling $25 for all. I don’t remember the exact prices they were way too quick with yanking tags off and checking out the new duds they scored. They did both get these two MASSIVE stuffed bears for their bedroom for $1.99 on sale $.99 a piece. Heck those stuffed animals would have been at least $10.00 new in a store, if not more.

Hello savings! So as you can see we didn’t go overboard. We didn’t run around the store buying everything we saw, just what was needed really. Those two wall sconces are going to rock on the wall for picture displays and the mail organizer will keep the corner of our counter in the kitchen free of total clutter! Yippie!

Remember when you’re bargain shopping at the Goodwill to keep in mind only pick up quality items, ones you need, and what you just couldn’t live without. Everything else is just “stuff” leave that “stuff” for anyone else to pick through.


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