If it’s FREE it’s for ME

You got it. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’m using the word IT. Get over IT.

Anyway. “If It’s Free it’s for me” – I used to work with a guy who always said this. He was by far the funniest and strangest sales man I ever worked with. His phrase however, that stuck with me.

I have 7 pieces of furniture in my house I got from “free” signs on them outside of homes to sitting next to a dumpster and the latest was, my neighbor wanting to throw two book shelves and a hutch away. 7 vital pieces of furniture in my house were….FREE….

Now obviously if a piece of furniture is in the trash and broken severely just walk away. Your chances of rescuing that particular item is nil.

I was lucky in my trash finds. Some people might be thinking “ew gross” I assure you if someone puts a shelving unit next to a dumpter not in bad shape chances are they were sick of it, re decorated and no longer needed it, or worse discarded the item from perhaps a breakup? Just because the item is sitting in a trash can does not mean that you can’t reap the benefit. This is my thought process.

Being a frugal wife sometimes does drive my family a little insane. Every time they see me hauling a piece of furniture home, they know either A) I was just at the Good Will on 50% day (like the ottoman I found which almost exactly matched our couches for $7.99) or B) That item was garbage to someone else. Think about this for a second. Garage sales or yard sales which ever you call them. People are selling items they are going to THROW AWAY if you don’t buy them. What’s the difference. I picked up left over yard sale scores and you paid $1 for the picture frame once the items arrived at the thrift store.

Always remember, if something is free that doesn’t mean anything bad except more money stays in your wallet!

Keep hunting for those frugal deals!


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Happy Frugal Living!

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