How I Kept My Cool and Enjoyed My Wedding Day

I told everyone I was going to do this post, and, TA DA here we go!

Mr. and Mrs.

1. Relax

Nope, not kidding, not even a little. I relaxed on my wedding day, yep, I did. All day long I was in a form of euphoria pretty much. Sure the Mimosa’s helped out with that a bit, but it wasn’t just the champagne keeping me leveled out. From the moment I woke up in the morning I decided that I was going to ENJOY my day all of it. Sure there were a few times towards the afternoon I wanted to scream, but 90% of the day I was pretty chilled out.

How? I’ll tell you. (snarky little grin on face). I let other people who were helping me make the decisions. The wedding wasn’t their day, so they weren’t nearly as stressed as I could and would have been. My sister and her amazing girlfriend made some of the food, prepared drinks, and helped keep our mother from imploding. She can be a ball of stress at times (gee I wonder who i get that trait from…..)

2. Step Away from the Plans

Get the hell out of the kitchen, venue, house…whatever just get away. Go get your hair done, leave the phone on silent or in the house. Designate someone to handle the little details while you’re getting dolled up, like oh I don’t know maybe you’re Maid of Honor? Mine was superb.  She helped pretty much keep me busy but in a relaxed way and helped get everything set up for the wedding.

desi flowers
MOH in action putting center pieces together!


3. We Stepped Back From Tradition

What do I mean by this? Simple. I woke up the morning of our wedding beside my husband. We spent the entire day around each other. That little brat even tried to weasel his way into our bedroom while I was putting my dress on with the excuse of needing to “comb his hair” he wanted a sneak peek! I didn’t usher my husband off to another house “to not see me” and we were both around all day getting ready. There was almost no stress surrounding the would the men be on time, would they drink too much before the ceremony, would he remember all his clothing. I knew he would, I was there! Wahoo! That really helped ease the stress. I’m not really sure why brides hide themselves from their soon to be husbands anymore. The original reason brides were kept hidden until the ceremony time was the fear if their soon to be husband saw them not “done up” in a corset all sucked in and saw some overweight happening they would back out. That’s why folks. Nothing to do with bad luck and religion.

4. Just Let Be

Seriously. If on the day of your wedding the table clothes are ivory and not white, who cares? Whose going  to notice? NOBODY. Nobody will take any notice at all to this color difference. Example: Thought we were getting long banquet tables for reception, round ones showed up. I walked around the corner saw them and said “well I guess we have round tables, okay then.” and walked away. The idea of straight tables was on my mind, but it’s the morning of my wedding they’re round, who gives a shit.

5. You aren’t Me You might Stress Out

Look I am who I am. I have the ability to remove myself from a stressful bundle sometimes and just “chill out”. Everyone around me kept commenting on how calm I was, yep calm is exactly right. That day I knew I was making the best choice of my life and there wasn’t any reason to stress. Not even when my husband had to LITERALLY run back into the house and get his vows half way through the ceremony… Not kidding. Look at my face when that happened below..

As my husband goes back inside the house for his….VOWS

Remember that your wedding day is just that one day. Your marriage is a life long commitment. Don’t get too overwhelmed with flowers, tables clothes, and other little details try your best to just enjoy the day, your soon to be spouse, friends, and family!


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