Post Wedding Decor Uses

Pssst yes that is my husband and I on our wedding day kissing. 🙂

Once the “I Do’s” have been said, the cake has been smashed, and wine has been sipped you are left with arm loads of wedding decor. Sure you might have done what I did with majority of mine and DIY created the pieces, but now you are Stuck (with a capital S) with the decor. Don’t just let the items sit in your garage or attic collecting dust, use them, re purpose them, and maybe even give away or sell at a bargain price to someone in need.

Re Purpose!

For your decor if you used some artificial flowers for center pieces those can be re used in your home super easy! For example let’s say you used those flowers in some wine bottles you had around the house? Simple, place a few of those wine bottles around the house in different places with a few of those flowers in them. This way when you look around the house you’re going to see beautiful flowers from your wedding. The best part is you don’t have to water them! Wahoo! They live on air, imagine that (I crack myself up sometimes)

In my case I have a ton of these (see below)

photo 2 (1)

wine bottles sitting in my garage currently (give me a break wedding was only 10 days ago!) I don’t think I am going to keep all 12 of them, but maybe give up on Craigslist for free or for a few bucks 8 of them to someone who might be in need. That way I am passing my frugal benefits to others who are in need!

The last curtains I bought for the back drop for a total of $12.00 for all 4 I am going to use in my house as…. you guessed it… actual curtains! Our kitchen was in need of some new ones and why the heck not just use the ones we already have! Another score!

Sell Those Decorations!

Yes I am frugal, we all know this, but I also like to pass on my items at a nice low price to others.

If you cannot possibly find a way to re purpose the decorations you should think about selling them or posting for free on a site like

I personally am selling some items (like the wine bottles)

Also listed are some plates and mugs we have. For our wedding we received some new dishes, mugs, and drinking glasses. So instead of a mile high pile of dishes in the house I decided to list them on CL for a minimal price $20 for all of them. Two sets! SCORE for someone!

Now of course being able to sell decor or give some away which I am also doing for a good friend of mine getting married is helpful for all involved. You unload decor you just don’t need anymore and allow someone else to get some for a cheap price without the hard leg work of making the pieces themselves.

This was a fun little post but check out my big one I’m going to post this week about having a wedding on the cheap and when I say cheap I am not talking about those folks running around saying $5,000 is cheap, it certainly is NOT!

Happy Diy loving Frugal living folks!

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Happy Frugal Living!

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