How to Have a Frugal Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner taunting us with boxes of chocolate goodness in every corner. Actually more like every food store in all of the world. Anyway. Sure I love chocolate what breathing woman doesn’t? I love a good meal with a lovely glass of wine now and again. The cost of this holiday I believe to be outrageous. I want to help you and your honey figure out a way to enjoy the holiday without all the spending.

1. Make a nice meal for just the two of you at home. Head to the store and spend minimal money on some items to make a special dinner at home. Last year the husband and I did just this. We got some steak and lobster tail (oh the horror) our local Fry’s Food Store does great Valentine’s Day sales on those they were $6.99 each (on sale OF COURSE), potatoes, and asparagus. We made the steak on the grill, because in Arizona February isn’t actually cold hehehe. Grilled the entire meal actually. Set up our kitchen table with the roses he got me and my oil hurricane lamps “for mood”. I got a reasonable bottle of red wine, somewhere in the neighborhood of $8-$10 for the bottle. Nothing crazy. All in all I think the meal cost us about $30 for both of us.

photo 1
Our Dinner Set Up


When you go to a restaurant on Valentine’s day it is packed, loud, and all the food is marked up silly’s. You’re paying more to eat there on Valentines day with everyone else in  your town than you should be. Stop the madness! You’ll enjoy the holiday better at home. Trust me.

Now if you have little ones, call a friend or your parents maybe and have them take the kiddos for the evening and watch them so you and your husband can enjoy a dinner with just the two of you.

2. Don’t get each other gifts. Let’s be real for a minute folks. Do you need a 5 lb box of chocolate? No, want, yes. Do you need 2 dozen long stem red roses and a new diamond necklace? No. If you insist on getting gifts make them practical and put a limit on how much to spend. We don’t do gifts, other than roses. You love your husband and show that to him all year, you don’t need a holiday to prove your love.

3. Make your gifts. You could always make one of those fun “love coupon books”. I found the cutest idea that I might do one of these years, it won’t be this one since I’m going to tell you about it and then my secret agent gift would be out! Anyway, get Popsicle sticks, red paint, pink paint, white paint. You can pick these craft paints up at Hobby Lobby for .77 each and the Popsicle are cheap too  only $4.99 for a 100 pack (you will find other uses for the other 48 trust me). Ok, now in categories you will paint one side of the stick either red, pink, or white. The levels of what type of date by color. White can be free or simple, pink costs a few bucks and some time, and red could be a big date like a night out to dinner or something like an all day event. Paint more white stick and pink than red. What I will do is 30 white 15 pink and 6 red. Why 52? Think… I know you can get this… 52 weeks in the year! That way you and your husband go on one date every week (super important). Think about some fun activities like going hiking, have a picnic at a local park, go on a walk down town and get ice cream. These dates can be simple, cheap, and thoughtful.


You don’t need to spend a ton of money on Valentine’s Day. Keep it frugal ladies, keep it frugal.



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