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Remodeling your house can either A) Cost you and arm, leg, and sacrifice of a child. B) cost you a moderate amount of money for a snazzy update and finally C) Be frugal with updating and spend very little money smartly.

I always choose option C. I hate spending money, we all work so hard for those pennies I enjoy pinching them every chance I get. My husband loves that about me, hell, who wouldn’t.

Step one. I woke up and realized that I was having a wedding at my house and my bathroom, sucked. The yellow on the walls, just terrible. The only and I mean only redeeming quality in my bathroom was the wainscoting on the walls. I kid you not. So as I was uploading the pictures of my before, during, and after I realized I may have gone a little overboard on photographing the progress. However, can you really have TOO MANY pictures of a DIY project? I think not!

bathroom before 3 bathroom before bathrooom before 2

This awful bathroom is what I was working with folks, this yellow crap. The builder grade mirror slapped on the wall with old cheap and I mean cheap lights above the slapped on mirror. So those are my three before shots.

Now in remodeling my bathroom I wanted to keep the project, cheap. Knowing that guests would be using our bathroom during the wedding and reception I decided the room needed a face lift, but not an expensive total makeover.

First things first I needed to paint the room.

paint 4 paint 3 paint 2

The paint I found surprise surprise on the returned rack. As you can see by the sticker price I paid $9.00 for the gallon. The gallon painted the entire bathroom two coats with paint left over! Wahoo! I always keep the room size in mind when I find a great deal on paint like this. I knew one gallon would cover the room I was purchasing for. I picked this paint up MONTHS before the project started also. First things first I ripped all the old fixtures off the walls and started to paint.

bathroom during 3 bathroom during 2

Painting is my FAVORITE part of a remodel. Just a fresh coat of new paint makes a world of difference in a room, truly does.

After I finished painting I went back to Home Depot and picked up the knobs and pulls for the vanity along with some paint for that awfully colored vanity. I kept the knobs affordable, brushed nickel. The pulls were $1.98 each I got 4 of the Liberty hardware ones. Two of the drawers are fake ones, but I needed pulls on them all so they would match. I got 4 knobs Liberty Hardware as well those were $1.48 each. Total for knobs and pulls =$13.84.

bathroom during 9 bathroom during 10 bathroom during 11

Now as you can see in these photograph’s the cabinets are painted. Hindsight is 20/20, I forgot to take a before of the cabinets by themselves. If you look at the before pictures you can see how ugly they were, I just didn’t take any close ups. GRR to me! The husband installed these puppies for me after I finished my 3rd coat on the cabinets. I did not have the time or energy truly to take each one off and sand them down. Had I done that I probably would have only needed 2 coats.

Paint I used for Cabinets


Now that the cabinets are painted, which may I add took about 3 days of time. 3 coats and letting each one dry blah blah blah. By the end I was asking myself why I was painting them? Then I saw the finished product and knew, they looked AWESOME!

Next was the awful, ugly, and huge mirror. I fell in love with the framed in mirror look, but didn’t want to spend and arm and leg on a mirror. There was also the idea of cutting our mirror smaller etc, but in the end we decided to frame in the mirror without removing it from the wall first.

bathroom during 14 bathroom during 15


bathroom during 16


We removed those little plastic clips from the mirror since it was attached to wall with liquid nails already. What we did was buy some molding from Home depot and had them cut the pieces for the length we needed to fit the mirror. On top of the molding we also got these for the corners of the wall. The molding was white and water and mold proof. I took the same paint from the cabinets and painted the molding for the mirror.

bathroom during 8


Once the molding was placed around the mirror with more liquid nails I had to HOLD it tight for about 2 minutes then placed the tape to keep from moving. I did have one piece that tried to move after I had only held for a short time.

Next were the lights. Oh the lights. How ugly they were! I purchased a fairly reasonable light fixture from Home Depot for $59.99. There are less light bulbs in this one, but the look of them was fantastic.

bathroom during 4

bathroom during 5


bathroom during 7


Above are the pictures of the lights from old and out dated to new and fancy!

Lastly was putting the bathroom back together. Putting the room back together is my favorite part actually. After all the hard work of painting, putting up new fixtures, and framing in a mirror, and picking out artwork for the walls, I LOVE putting the pieces up.

Now this bathroom project cost less than $300 to complete. A little more than what i typically spend, but far less than what the average person spends on re decorating a room. We did not replace the toilet or shower so that was a savings. One day we might, but today our bathroom has a new lease on life. See below. I welcome any and all questions! Ask away!

bathroom afterbathroom beforebathroom after 4 bathroom after 5 bathroom after 3 bathroom after 2


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