The 3 P’s of Being Frugal

In this post I must give a brief shout out to my mother. We were chatting this weekend about my blog and she mentioned this idea to me. She poked my creative brain and now the juices are flowing.

So what are the 3 P’s of being frugal? What the hell am I even talking about, have I been dropped from some far off in the distance planet sent here to confuse everyone. Probably. Very Likely as a matter of fact.

Moving onward and Upward. For some reason the sound of drums and a brigade of civil war soldiers just marched through my mind.. Strange..

See. I get distracted. Damn that right side of my brain all to civil war hell.

The 3 P’s



Penny Pinching

I guess technically it’s the 4 P’s, but Penny Pinching is ONE phrase. So I sticking the the 3 P’s.

Patience. Being frugal doesn’t mean you’re going to wake up tomorrow have all the answers, know where to find all of the deals, and put on a cape calling yourself a fucking super hero. You need to have some patience. This means you need to take a deep breath and figure out that just because there are 25 Goodwill’s in the city you live in doesn’t mean you should drive to all 25 on their 50% day to FIND THE DEALS! You’re going to spend more in gas and time to save a few bucks. Not worth it. That and let’s be honest here guys. You drive to let’s say even 5 goodwill’s you’ve wasted 3/4 of your day driving, waiting in line, and looking. Pick the 1-3 closest Goodwill’s or whatever thrift store you have in your area that has rock your socks off sales and go to those. Keep in mind you might also go thrifting 10 times before finding the PERFECT dresser to rehab. 10 times. Patience. Example: I wanted lace curtains to use as decor for the wedding. I went to Goodwill lucked out found 2 awesome matching may I add, sheets on 50% day in I think June or July. Want to know when I found 3 more curtains that “worked” for what I wanted on 50% sale day? Uhm Saturday as in 2 days ago on the 24th of January Saturday. I probably went to the Goodwill 5 miles from my house every sale weekend between June/July and Saturday never once finding what I wanted. I had patience. You need patience.


In my example above on how many months it took me to find 3 more lace curtains at a good price is the perfect example of being persistent. You cannot expect swapping your lifestyle from the “I want this now, who cares about the price tag” to “I will be patient. I will be persistent. I will be penny pinching and find the deal.” to wam bam thank you mam happen overnight. You’re dreaming doll, dreaming. This is going to take some time to develop and you know what? That’s ok. Really this is ok. Take your time, learn the art. Follow my blog along with others who you find helpful and figure this all out. Not too long ago I was just like you, chomping at the bit wanting to save money and be frugal, but having not one iota idea on how to do this. I learned, I had patience, and persistence on what deals worked, where, when, and why.

Penny Pinching

Penny pinching does not automatically make  you cheap, this makes you smart oh wise one. You took an idea and turned that into a reality. You’re saving money. You’re figuring out how to save money, and being successful. This summer the husband and I got a Costco membership. The cost $50 for the year. Seems steep at first, but let me tell you I’ve saved more than that membership cost. For example: I now only buy my toilet paper and paper towels every 3 months for $15.99 a group. So for 90 days it costs me .17 cents a day for a roll of toilet paper and paper towels. That’s $10.20 a month for both paper towels and toilet paper. Not to mention the ease on my mind of having a party at the house and not having to run out to get another package the day before. Less stress. There are SO many deals at Costco, I go once a month on a shopping trip there. In between I go to Winco where they have plenty in the bulk section to get. Around here in Arizona there is a fruit and veggie market I LOVE. The food there is super cheap and good. I can get a FULL cart of veggies and fruit for about $20. I’m talking asparagus for $1.99 a lb instead of Fry’s $4.99 a lb, 3 peppers for $1.00, and other many amazing deals. Sometimes I go there and the peppers suck or the cucumbers are all soft and crappy, and sometimes I go and it’s like Christmas of amazing good food.

The 3 P’s are vital. You need to repeat these to yourself. If you’re in need of items for a party or in my most recent case a wedding start the planning and preparation early. You’re going to need the time.

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