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Photo Booth’s are all the rage for weddings these days. Have you happened to check out the price to rent one of these puppies for your big day recently? The prices here in Phoenix average $499-$699. ARE YOU KIDDING?!? Pick your jaw up off of the floor and let’s talk about this, and how to have a DIY photo booth that you can MAKE at home for CHEAP and frugally.

I love the idea of a photo booth, it takes away the pressure of your guests at a wedding, birthday party, or baby shower from posing for the photographer every three seconds. Also allows your guests to be silly in front of the camera. I love this idea a lot. We decided we wanted a photo booth at our wedding, but for a frugal price tag aka DIY baby DIY. Every day I manage to surprise and shock the husband with my frugal ideas, and love it.

So first things first I needed to pick a space. Perfectly the small hallway leading back to our bedroom is narrow and a small cubby hole space. Perfect for a DIY photo booth.

First step was clearing out the decor I had in the hallway. Then I grabbed the lace curtains I picked up at the Goodwill and stuck them in the cubby decorative shelf. A few weeks ago I painted a big C & P in navy blue with glitter for wedding decor.

photobooth 1
I love love love lace!


Now I stood back and admired my work. Not too shabby at all. Now time to add the streamers. I bought 2 rolls of gray 81ft in length each on (if you haven’t noticed yet amazon is my jam) .97 ea. I bought two rolls of Navy blue .97 each and two rolls of ivory .97 each total =$5.82 for streamers.

The letters were $9.99 each at Hobby Lobby, but i got them 50% off so total for all 3 was $14.97. The blue paint was .77 each bottle on sale for .54 each bottle I used two bottles and returned the other 4 I got. Apparently I thought I needed 6 entire bottles of navy blue paint for two letters!?$1.08 for navy paint. The ivory paint I got from Home Depot in their returned paint, it was  sample size and .50 for the ivory sample.

photo booth 3
putting streamers together.

I took some painters tape and stuck the streamers on the back not really in a uniformed order then placed a second piece over the streamers again. After they were stuck to the tape and re taped I used clear thumb tacks to stick up on the wall.


photo booth 2
photo booth 7
Sorry this one is a bit Blurry

I placed that bench I already had in the house below the lace and letters. When my daughter sat down for me to take a couple photographs you couldn’t tell the top was not decorated to the ceiling either. I am going to make a second layer of streamers to put up the day of the wedding. Part of owning 3 dogs is they make a mess, every day. So I need to put up my bottom layers of streamers which I still have plenty of streamers left over to do so. Also need to make the ones to cover up the bedroom door to hang on the wedding day. Until then well, we kinda need to get in our bedroom easily. Anyway….

In yet another Hobby Lobby trip I picked up a prop making kit for $6.99 and used my 40% coupon in this puppy. Total was $4.20 to props.

photo both 3
Props in a Jar.

I used one of my old flower vases and 1 of the 12 mini chalk boards I got for decor and put the props in them.

Notice what my props are sitting on? huh? huh? Do ya? One of my stained wooden crates I made back at the end of summer! Yep! Wahoo!

The sign says “Take a Prop” “Strike a Pose” and “Smile for the Mr. and Mrs”. Thought it was cute enough. Who needs a whole lot of direction in a photobooth anyway.

photo booth 4
Current Status


I will post some officially finished for wedding photograph’s, but here is what the photobooth hallway looks like as of Saturday.
Breakdown of Costs






Total for Photobooth=$35.54

Now I already had a camera, my dad has a tripod I can use and remote for camera, and already had the tape from a previous painting project and thumb tacks from my office.

So if you don’t already have those items your DIY photo booth would cost more like $150 after getting a camera, thumb tacks, tape, and a tripod. Which all in all folks is so much cooler than $499 for a rented photo booth. Sheesh!

Look for my fun and exciting wedding photos which of course will have the photo booth action in full swing! Wahoo!




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