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Here in Arizona where I live we love our fire pits. Heck we love anything that involves being outside from November to April. After that we love anything that involves AC! If you’ve ever been here in July you’d catch my drift, quickly. Shoot just thinking about summer is making me sweat! Yikes! Too soon!

So as the temperatures started to drop where standing outside for more than, oh, thirty-two and a half seconds wasn’t torture I began desiring my yard to look well presentable to other people along with entertaining. Perhaps I missed my calling in life, I love planning parties, going not so much, but planning sign this momma up!

Back to my fire pit! Here in AZ we have a ton of rocks, actually many people refer to their landscaping as “rockscape” I kid you not. That isn’t even a real word. I have plenty of rocks in my yard, seeing as majority of it is COVERED in rocks. Little sharp can’t walk around barefoot unless you want piercings  in your feet rocks.

photo 1 (4)
Yard Pre any renovations at all. Just some boring rocks. Go kick rocks.

We made our own fire pit. There wasn’t one bit of cement involved, just a shovel, rocks, and some paver stones. That is it folks. Home Depot (if you can’t tell) is my go to store for yard accessories and tools. We skipped our way down to the local Home Depot which may I add is only 3 miles from my house, talk about trouble! Yikes! Any who. Above is a picture of my yard pre any renovations. Just some boring rocks.

Pavers. Back to the point ( I get distracted easily). I got 40 pavers for $1.75 each =$70.00 total. Side note: I don’t give you all what the tax was because it’s going to vary from state to state. Mine is 8% here in Arizona, but I know in PA it’s 6% so you’ll need to do those basic calculations on your own.

I spent $70.00 TOTAL FOR A FIRE PIT!

We already had the rocks, shovel, yard, and just needed you got it, pavers.

First I started by picking the spot in my yard and started to rip out weeds and clear the area.

photo 2 (7)
The Spot

Once I finished that part I started digging my circle. Some people would suggest putting cement in the bottom, I used rocks. If we want to change where the pit is down the line that will be very easy to cover up or remove all together. Cement, that’s not only more costly, and we’re frugal remember, but more permanent.

photo 3 (6)
Please excuse the dog’s Tiger toy among the pavers!

photo 4 (3)

I dug the hole for the pit about 2 feet down and placed a few shovel full of rock in the bottom for my base. Check out Craigslist in the free section to see if anyone is giving any rocks away. Here there is at least 1-2 postings a day of free rock!

Once that was finished the time came to stack my pavers. I didn’t exactly ace math in school when it came to geometry. So this was a little of trial and error. The fire pit ended up being great, but started out a little rocky (no pun intended).

photo 5 photo 2 (5)

Now that the pit was created, I had to move the rocks back around the base to kill the remaining weeds beneath.

photo 3 (5)
Almost finished!

photo 4 (2)

If anyone is wondering where my husband was during all of this I will tell you. He was reconstructing a cider block wall on the other side of the yard. We sold our hot tub the weekend before which came with the house, too much to maintain and never used that hunk of junk. So he was putting the wall back up while I hummed along making a fire pit! Wahoo!

photo 2 (6)
Ta Da!
photo (1)
In Action

The crab grass in Arizona is a mother to kill I will tell you what. Since this picture the grass has successfully been killed, but that crap tried to sneak its way back into our lives un invited!

All in all you too can have a fire pit in your backyard for less than $100!

Have you happened to notice a trend here? I refuse to spend more than $100 on any individual project. Being frugal takes some work, practice, and a lot of research. With some elbow grease and patience you too can be frugal in your house hold!


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